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Dan Avidan, born March 14, 1979, is an internet sensation whose skill set includes, but is not limited to, musician, comedian, show hosting, and many more. He rose to fame with his band “Ninja Sex Party.” Since then, he has participated in numerous projects. He is the co-host of the Let’s Play web series “Game Grumps.” He also formed a side band called “Starbomb.” We celebrate Avidan’s birthday by taking a walk down his many career achievements.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dan Avidan


Danny, Danny Sexbang

Birth date:

March 14, 1979



Zodiac Sign:



6' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$4.5 million

Dan's Social Media:


Dan Avidan celebrates his birthday on March 14. He was born in Springfield, New Jersey, and is the eldest of two children. His parents are Debra Schwartz and Avigdor Avidan. Avidan has Israeli origins from his dad’s side. You might have heard of his younger sister, Dana Avidan; she is the executive director of PopSugar. In his early 20s, Avidan took part in two different music projects. In 2002 he joined ”The Northern Hues,” an indie rock band based in Philadelphia; the band split in 2005 due to differences between the band members. The next year, in 2006, Abidan and Peter Lennox formed an alternative rock duo named Skyhill.

In 2008, Avidan began studying storytelling and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. In the theater, he was introduced to Brian Wecht. Avidan and Brian created the band that would lead Avidan to success; they named the band “Ninja Sex Party.” Since its birth, the band has released eight albums and several singles, many of which have taken place in the Billboard chart. In 2013, after the original co-host of the Let’s Play web series “Game Grumps” left his position, Avidan took his place. He co-hosts the show with Arin Hanson, co-creator of the web series. That same year, Avidan teamed up with his bandmate, Wecht, and his co-host, Hanson, to form the band “Starbomb.” In 2015, Avidan was picked to play Alex Taylor, an eSports coach, in the Youtube Premium web series “Good Game.”

In 2019 Avidan confirmed his relationship with Ashley Anderson. The couple got married in 2021; Avidan announced it in an episode of his show “Game Grumps.”

Career timeline

The Theatre Studies

Avidan begins his studies at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.

The “Ninja Sex Party” is Born

Avidan starts his first own band project with Brian Wecht.

The Co-host of “Game Grumps”

Avidan joins Arin Hanson as co-host of the Let's Play web series “Game Grumps.”

The Wedding Bells

Avidan gets married to his long-time girlfriend, Ashley Anderson.

Why We Love Dan Avidan

  1. His prolific career

    Avidan has done it all — music bands, video games host, songwriting, podcast creator. He sets an example for people to follow their passions, all of them.

  2. He beat his depression disorder

    Avidan talked about him suffering from depression and OCD disorder in an episode of “Game Grumps.” He encourages fans to stay positive and seek professional help if they are dealing with mental health issues.

  3. His sense of humor

    After replacing Jon Jafari in “Game Grumps,” the fans didn’t take the replacement very well. Eventually, Avidian won the fans over with his love for video games and his amazing sense of humor.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His favorite game: “The Legend of Zelda”

    Of all the games Avidan has played throughout his gaming career, “The Legend of Zelda” is his all-time favorite video game.

  2. His real name vs his stage name

    Avidan's full name is Leigh Daniel Avidan; he also uses Danny Sexbang as his stage name.

  3. He is a “Darkhawk” fan

    Avidan’s favorite comic is “Darkhawk;” a friend of his gave him the full collection for his birthday!

  4. He was an advertising student

    Before moving on to focus 100% on his music career, Avidan was an advertising student at Boston University.

  5. He can speak French

    Avidan learned some French while spending a semester in France.

Dan Avidan FAQs

What illness did Dan Avidan have?

He used to have mononucleosis.

How long has Dan been on Game Grumps?

Avidan has been part of the show for almost eight years.

Are Dan friends with Arin?

Yes. The co-hosts and band members share a strong friendship.

Dan Avidan’s birthday dates

2025March 14Friday
2026March 14Saturday
2027March 14Sunday
2028March 14Tuesday
2029March 14Wednesday

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