Albert Einstein

Known as one of the world’s most influential scientists, Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879, in Germany. Among his many professional achievements, this Nobel Prize winner is best known for developing the general theory of relativity. Einstein revolutionized the field of modern physics with his work; he opened many doors for a deeper understanding of our universe. We celebrate his birthday by taking a walk down to his most memorable accomplishments.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Albert Einstein


The Genius, The Dopey One

Birth date:

March 14, 1879

Death date:

April 18, 1955 (age 76)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Net Worth:

$1 million


Albert Einstein was born in the Kingdom of Württemberg in the German Empire. He was the eldest of two children; his sister, Maria Einstein, was born in 1881. Their parents were both Jewish; his dad Herman Einstein was a salesman and engineer, and his mom was Pauline Koch. A year before Einstein was born, his family moved to Munich. There, at age five, he attended a Catholic elementary school. He finished his primary and secondary studies at Luitpold Gymnasium — nowadays known as the Albert Einstein Gymnasium. When Einstein was 15, his family’s company ran out of business, so they moved to Italy. Einstein was supposed to stay behind and finish his studies, but instead, he moved to Italy with them.

In 1894, in Italy, the young prodigy started working on his first of many papers – he wrote about 300 hundred papers throughout his life. The short essay was titled ‘On the Investigation of the State of the Ether in a Magnetic Field.’ Between 1895 and 1896, he finished secondary school in Switzerland. In 1996 Einstein renounced his German citizenship with the hope of avoiding being called to perform military service. That same year, at the young age of 17, he enrolled himself in a four-year program to become a mathematics and physics teacher. Einstein obtained his diploma in 1900. Even though he received exceptional grades, he couldn’t land a teaching job. He ended up working as an assistant examiner at the Swiss Patent Office. In the following years, Einstein had several lecturers and teaching jobs at different prestigious Universities. In 1905 Einstein published a paper called ‘On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies,’ the theory in that paper is now known as Einstein’s special theory of relativity. The formula developed in that paper — E = mc2 — is one of the world’s most famous equations. Ten years later, in 1915, the physicist published ‘The General Theory of Relativity,’ changing our understanding of the universe forever. In 1921 Albert won a Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to the development of quantum physics.

Einstein was married twice and was the father of three children. In 1903 he married his colleague physicist, Mileva Marić; they had three children — Lieserl, Hans Albert, and Eduard. In 1912, Einstein began an affair with his cousin, Elsa Löwenthal. They got married in 1919.

Career timeline

The First Diploma

Einstein graduates in mathematics and physics teaching.

The Miraculous Years

Einstein published four papers that are a major foundation of modern physics.

The First Academic Job

Einstein lands a job as a lecturer in Theoretical Physics at the University of Zurich.

The General Theory of Relativity

Einstein develops the general theory of relativity, opening new doors to our view of the universe.

The Nobel Prize

The scientist is honored with a Nobel Prize in Physics.

Why We Love Albert Einstein

  1. He opened the road to new discoveries

    Einstein’s studies in physics opened many doors for scientists to keep making incredible discoveries about our universe. Einstein is called the ‘Father of Modern Physics.’

  2. Slow progress is still progress

    Einstein struggled to speak, learn, and follow simple rules as a kid; his teachers told him he would achieve nothing in his life. He is today considered one of the most brilliant men ever.

  3. He was a pacifist

    Einstein was one of the most intelligent scientists ever, and he thought wars stood in the middle of progress. During World War I, he became an icon of the pacifist movement.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was a music lover

    Einstein played violin since he was five; he said he fell in love with music listening to Mozart’s violin sonatas.

  2. Almost president of Israel

    Einstein was offered to be president of Israel; he politely declined the offer.

  3. He didn’t talk until he was four

    This genius was a slow learner as a child; in fact, he couldn’t speak full sentences until he was four years old.

  4. He was quite forgetful

    Despite his obvious bright intelligence, Einstein couldn’t remember simple things such as dates, phones, and numbers.

  5. Not interested in driving

    Einstein refused to learn to drive a car and he used to have a driver take him places.

Albert Einstein FAQs

Where is Albert Einstein's brain?

Thomas Stoltz Harvey removed Einstein’s brain a few hours after his death and kept it. In 2010, the brain was given to the National Museum of Health and Medicine in the U.S.

What is Albert Einstein's IQ level?

Einstein’s IQ level is estimated to have been between 160 and 180.

What was Albert Einstein's brain size?

Einstein’s brain weighed 2.7 lbs. That is a little less than the average human brain.

Albert Einstein’s birthday dates

2025March 14Friday
2026March 14Saturday
2027March 14Sunday
2028March 14Tuesday
2029March 14Wednesday

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