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TueApr 9

International ASMR Day – April 9, 2024

We are celebrating International A.S.M.R. Day on April 9. It is an annual celebration to appreciate the amazing benefits of A.S.M.R. and to spread general awareness about it. A.S.M.R. stands for ‘autonomous sensory meridian response.’ It is a sensory response to certain visual and audio triggers. People usually describe it as tickles triggered by someone running their fingers through your hair. A.S.M.R. has gone viral on YouTube and social media. Every day, millions of pieces of content are created, and an increasing number of people are enjoying it. However, it is a relatively new subject for researchers, and there has been little scientific research in this field.

History of International ASMR Day

Who wouldn’t love to get a hair or skin massage? The sensation is euphoric and awesome. But everyone does not have the time or resources at their disposal to get these amazing chills from another person or professional. But what if such stimulation can also be achieved by placid sights and sounds? People describe this sensation as tingling. A.S.M.R. is the term that we used to describe these tingles that people get through audio and visuals that can cause a person to experience a sense of euphoria and deep relaxation. A.S.M.R. is subjective and can be very effective on some people, often causing them to fall asleep.

The official origin of A.S.M.R. can be traced back to October 19, 2007. It all started when someone with the username “okay whatever” posted a question on Steady Health. Steady health is an online discussion forum for health-related subjects. In the question, he/ she described the experience of certain sensations that can be compared to tracing fingers along the skin or hair. But the sensation is not through physical contact, but through non-haptic events like being read a story or watching a puppet show. People replied to the post with similar responses, and soon some websites further facilitated the discussion. Today, we have millions of A.S.M.R. videos on YouTube.

There is no scientific study on the evolutionary reason behind A.S.M.R. But the general understanding is that it may be precipitated by the receipt of tender physical touch, similar to having their hair cut or combed. This has led to the conjecture that social grooming habits might be related to A.S.M.R.

International ASMR Day timeline

A Prior Mention

Virginia Woolf writes about the A.S.M.R. sensation without realizing it in her novel “Mrs. Dalloway.”

The First Discussion About A.S.M.R.

Someone starts a discussion about A.S.M.R. on Steady Health, an online discussion forum.

The First A.S.M.R. Video

“Whisper 1” — Hello uploads the first A.S.M.R. video on YouTube.

Origin of The Name A.S.M.R.

Jennifer Allen names the tingling sensation ‘Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,’ or A.S.M.R.

International ASMR Day FAQs

Why is A.S.M.R. a thing?

It can help relax and experience milk euphoria with just audio triggers.

Is A.S.M.R. safe?

A.S.M.R. is generally safe. People can create videos and listen to them without harm. But avoiding activities requiring intense attention, like driving is best.

Is A.S.M.R. good for anxiety?

There is no scientific evidence to prove that A.S.M.R. is effective for anxiety. But it can generally help people with anxiety to relax and calm down.

International ASMR Day Activities

  1. Listen to an A.S.M.R. video

    Is A.S.M.R. a new term for you? Switch on YouTube and start listening to an A.S.M.R. video. This will help you relax, or may even put you to sleep!

  2. Share an A.S.M.R. Video

    Does an A.S.M.R. video help you experience the tingles? Share A.S.M.R. videos with your friends and see how they feel.

  3. Create an A.S.M.R. video

    Buy a high-quality mic and other gear needed to create a YouTube video. Try new effects and create an A.S.M.R. video. Be creative and bold. Think about what you usually like to listen to.

5 Interesting Facts About A.S.M.R.

  1. It is not for everyone

    A.S.M.R. feels different for different people, and some people do not experience anything at all.

  2. Personality affects the experience

    People who can experience A.S.M.R., have lower levels of conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness.

  3. A.S.M.R. and brain connections

    A.S.M.R. can connect brain regions responsible for different functions like sight, hearing, and memory.

  4. It can reduce heart rate

    A.S.M.R. can help reduce heart rate and increase skin conductance levels.

  5. It improves mental health

    About 98% of A.S.M.R. participants say that A.S.M.R. helps them relax, and 70% of participants believe that A.S.M.R. can help them reduce stress levels.

Why We Love International ASMR Day

  1. It helps us relax

    A.S.M.R. can help us relax. It can help us reduce stress levels, lower our heart rate, and calm our senses.

  2. It can help you sleep fast

    A.S.M.R. is best for people who find it hard to fall asleep. The experience can help us relax and gently push us to sleep.

  3. It is subjective

    We love unique experiences and A.S.M.R. is subjective. A.S.M.R. affects different people at different levels, and some people do not experience it at all.

International ASMR Day dates

2024April 9Tuesday
2025April 9Wednesday
2026April 9Thursday
2027April 9Friday
2028April 9Sunday

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