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The Masters Tournament – April 10-13, 2025

The Master Tournament is held from Thursday to Sunday of every first week of April and this year, it takes place from April 10 to 13. It is one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events in which golfers are invited to compete based on their past achievements and get a chance to win several million dollars, a gold medal, and a lifetime invitation to the event. This event is among the four major golf championships. It is a standard 72-hole stroke-play event in which players are grouped in threesomes for the first two rounds after which the field is cut to 44 players.

History of The Masters Tournament

Introduced in 1934, the Masters Tournament has been home to some of the greatest moments of golf. It is a four-day championship with 72 holes and the smallest field in major championship golf. Augusta National Golf Club was founded by Bobby Jones, who is a legendary amateur champion, and by Clifford Roberts, an astute investment banker in New York. After retirement from golf championships in 1930, Jones hoped to realize his dream of building a golf course.

After a brief conversation with Roberts, it was decided that the club would be built near Augusta, Georgia. The construction of the new course began in the first half of 1931, and it was opened in December 1932 to a limited number of members. It formally opened in January 1933.

An annual golf tournament was announced at the beginning of 1934, and Roberts proposed the name the Masters Tournament, to which Jones objected as he considered it too presumptuous, and the name Augusta National Invitation Tournament was adopted instead. This name was used for five years until 1939, after which Jones relented, and the name was officially changed. The first tournament was held on March 22, 1934, and from the beginning of 1940, the Masters was scheduled for the first full week in April every year.

The Masters Tournament timeline

Bobby Jones Builds a Golf Course

After a brief conversation with Roberts, the location of the Club was decided to be built near Augusta, Georgia.

1931 — 1933
The Construction Begins

The construction of the new course begins and is limited to several members before it is formally opened.

Annual Golf Tournament is Announced

An annual golf tournament is announced and the name Augusta National Invitation Tournament is adopted before it is changed five years later to the Masters Tournament.

The Masters Tournament is Scheduled

The Masters Tournament is scheduled for the first full week in April every year.

The Masters Tournament FAQs

How much do winners make in the Masters Tournament?

In 2022, the Masters Tournament’s purse is set at 15 million.

Who has won the most Masters Tournaments?

Jack Nicklaus has won six Masters Tournaments.

What is the lowest Masters Tournament score?

A 63 is the lowest ever seen at Augusta National Golf Club.

The Masters Tournament Activities

  1. Attend the Masters Tournament

    If you can, attend the Masters Tournament and watch the tournament live. Enjoy the greenery at the Augusta National Golf Club and the exciting game of golf.

  2. Watch it on T.V.

    You can always tune in to any sports channel and watch this exciting game on TV. Make sure to enjoy this tournament with friends and family.

  3. Spread awareness

    Spread awareness about the exciting tournament and make people aware of it. Introduce them to this beautiful sport.

5 Facts About The Masters Tournament

  1. The tradition of the Green Jacket

    The tradition of the Green Jacket, which is bestowed on the winner each year started in 1937.

  2. Cell phones are prohibited

    They have a strict no cell phone policy, and any user found gets kicked out of the event.

  3. Known for its food and drink menu

    The food and drink menu at the Masters Tournament is beloved and budget-friendly, which includes their famous pimento cheese sandwich.

  4. Tradition to skip golf balls during practice

    The players are encouraged to skip golf calls across a lake at the front of the 16th tee and green.

  5. Women were admitted to Augusta from 2012

    The Club had its first two female members in 2012, and from 2019, women golfers started participating in the membership a week before the Masters Tournament in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship.

Why We Love The Masters Tournament

  1. It appreciates golf

    This week appreciates the game of golf and its fans. Thousands of fans tune in every year to watch this tournament.

  2. It is dedicated to golfers

    This is an invite-only tournament, and it is dedicated to talented golfers. All golfers are well compensated for their efforts towards the tournament.

  3. This week brings the community together

    It brings like-minded people together. All fans of golf unite to enjoy this game.

The Masters Tournament dates

2022April 7Thursday
2023April 6Thursday
2024April 11Thursday
2025April 10Thursday
2026April 9Thursday

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