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WedApr 9

National Mature Women’s Day – April 9, 2025

National Mature Women’s Day has been celebrated on April 9 since 2021. It’s a special holiday for the special older women in our lives — a day to recognize mature and confident women. Registered by famed makeup artist Laura Geller, it throws the spotlight on women who can be role models and influencers in their own right. It’s also a good time for older women to start learning about self-love and to embrace a positive attitude towards aging. This day is all about reminding women that they are special regardless of their advancing years. We celebrate all mature women today!

History of National Mature Women’s Day

Laura Geller grew up in the suburbs of Rockland County, New York. She had a gorgeous lady as her neighbor who worked in a department store selling beauty products. She used to go to her when she wanted to be made up for special occasions, like Sweet Sixteen parties. She would feel empowered during those times and her fascination for makeup continued. At 18, she studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She landed a job backstage as a theatrical makeup artist on Broadway and was able to work with stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Paul Newman, and rockstar Gene Simmons.

She opened her studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and in the more than 20 years it was in business, she became known for her wearable makeup looks. Her magnetic personality served her well when she took her brand on-air at QVC. Her highlight and contour kit, her first product in her Laura Geller Beauty line, sold out in minutes. A pioneer in the primer category, her Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer was born a few years later. It brought baked makeup to the masses and continues to be a cult favorite to this day.

The brand’s iconic baked formulas are handcrafted in Italy and made with mature skin in mind. Weightless, silky color that never cakes is its continued promise. With the focus on mature women, her ideology in her more than 35 years of being a makeup artist has not changed. “We want to make all women feel beautiful and worthy, whether they’re 19 or 90,” she says.

National Mature Women’s Day timeline

Laura Geller Beauty is Established

Laura Geller establishes Laura Geller Beauty in New York City.

The Surprising Research

The company conducts research into its customer base and finds out its core customers are at least 40 years old.

A Mature Supermodel in Sports Illustrated

At age 56, Paulina Poriskova returns to grace the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

The Growing Recognition

AS Beauty, a company that focuses on female entrepreneurs, adds Laura Geller Beauty to its roster.

A marketing shift

Advertisements for the brand start to exclusively feature models over 40 years old.

National Mature Women’s Day FAQs

How do you address an older woman?

“Ma’am” is usually used to address an adult or older woman. “Miss” is also a good way to address an unmarried female of any age.

What do you call a 50-year-old person?

A quinquagenarian is a person between 50 to 59 years of age.

At what age does a woman mature emotionally?

Women tend to be ready for serious relationships and reach maturity at a much younger age. On average, they mature by age 32, but they can be ready for serious relationships in their early or mid-20s.

National Mature Women’s Day Activities

  1. Spend time with the older women in your life

    With age comes wisdom, so soak in some smarts by talking to an older female friend or family member. You may be pleasantly surprised by the insights from the conversations.

  2. Watch movies that have strong mature women in them

    Films such as “Juanita,” “Gloria Bell,” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” feature older women in different stages in their lives. How the women deal with their situations makes for interesting viewing.

  3. Listen to singers over 40

    Performers like Jennifer Lopez, Cher, and Madonna are still wowing audiences today. Their entertainment experience gives the younger singers a run for their money even today.

5 Signs Of A Mature Woman

  1. She’s independent

    She knows how to get the job done and doesn’t rely on anyone for anything.

  2. She knows when to ask for help

    She can identify a problem she can’t solve and is not afraid to approach someone who can.

  3. There is no drama with her exes

    She doesn’t dwell on past relationships.

  4. She speaks her mind

    She can bravely speak her truth and face the consequences for it.

  5. She knows her worth

    She values herself and doesn’t feel the need to lower her standards for anyone or anything.

Why We Love National Mature Women’s Day

  1. It recognizes the beauty and intelligence of older women

    Beauty and brains know no age limit. It’s a day to appreciate the mature women who live fulfilling lives.

  2. It inspires younger women

    Age doesn’t always mean your influence is diminished. Younger women can look up to accomplished older women and follow in their footsteps.

  3. It empowers mature women

    Society can be harsh on aging individuals. On this day, older women are shown how to feel great about themselves despite their age.

National Mature Women’s Day dates

2025April 9Wednesday
2026April 9Thursday
2027April 9Friday
2028April 9Sunday
2029April 9Monday

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