November 23rd holidays

November 23rd is the 327th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed documents handing power to Yemen's Vice President after the Arab Spring protests; the first smartphone, the IBM Simon, was introduced at COMDEX in Las Vegas, and the Manchester Martyrs were hanged in Manchester, England after killing a police offer while freeing two Irish nationalists from custody. Famous November 23rd birthdays include Miley Cyrus, Boris Karloff, and Robin Roberts. Today is Black Friday and National Espresso Day.

We have 7 holidays listed for November 23.


National Espresso Day

It's all in the way the beans are brewed.



It's like a Springsteen song plays out in real life every year.


Eat A Cranberry Day

Ready to dive into all the cranberry deets? We can ‘berrily’ wait.


Fibonacci Day

Also known as Leonardo of Pisa and Leonardo Fibonacci, Leonardo Bonacci invented a pattern of counting that continues to influence math and technology today. The…
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National Cashew Day

Munch on all the delicious info about America’s popular partying nut.


National Jukebox Day

We’re holding a boombox over our heads to declare our love for the jukebox.


National Tie One On Day

Tie an apron on and cook up some love and kindness today.