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Slugs Return From Capistrano Day – May 28, 2025

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day is a holiday that is celebrated on May 28 every year in the United States. It brings awareness about slugs and the roles they play in our ecosystem. It is believed that slugs spend the winter in Capistrano. They are said to return to our patios and gardens during this holiday period. Most slug species are harmless to human beings. They can be pests in agriculture and horticulture, as they tend to destroy the foliage of growing plants. They also feed on fruits and vegetables before they can be harvested, thereby destroying the crops.

History of Slugs Return From Capistrano Day

The holiday was established by Ruth and Thomas Roy. The idea came from the fact that slugs migrate to spend the winters in Capistrano. The holiday marks their return for the spring back to our gardens and patios.

Slugs can be described as shell-less snails. There are different types of slugs. Some slugs live on land and slugs live at sea. Their diet consists of different creatures and other matter.
Slugs have been known to eat algae, worms, centipedes, insects, and fungi. They usually eat a few times their weight every day. Some slugs can be quite big. A type of slug known as the ‘black sea hare’ can reach up to 40 inches and weigh up to 30 pounds. Another type of slug called the ‘ashy-grey’ slug of Europe can get up to 10 inches.

Slugs have tentacles that they can retract. They use two to see and smell. They use the others to touch and taste. They breathe through a pore called the ‘pneumostome.’ Slugs secrete mucus that protects them from bacteria and fungi. The mucus helps them to control their moisture levels. The mucus also helps make it easier for them to move around. Slugs examine the mucus trails of other slugs when they are looking for a mate. They use their pedal gland to produce their slime. Slugs are notorious for being slow. ‘Banana’ slugs can move about 6.5 inches in a minute. The ‘milky’ slug can travel up to 40 feet in a night.

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day timeline

585 — 541 Million Years Ago
Early Gastropods Live in the Ocean

Fossil records show that the most primitive slugs lived in the ocean.

541—252 Million Years Ago
The Number of Gastropods Goes Up

During this period, many gastropods are available in the sea.

252—66 Million Years Ago
Slugs Evolve

During the Mesozoic era, marine slugs evolve and develop the features currently noticed in modern slugs.

150 Million Years Ago
Numerous Families of Slugs Appear

The clade Stylommatophora appears and gives origin to numerous families of snails and slugs.

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day FAQs

Where do slugs live?

Slugs like to live in dark, damp habitats. They like to have wet surroundings because of their damp bodies.

Are there many slugs?

It is estimated that about 200 slugs are living in one cubic meter of soil. This translates to a lot of slugs.

How do you classify slugs?

Slugs can be considered to belong to the class of animals called Gastropoda. They are very similar to snails and are considered to be a type of mollusk.

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day Activities

  1. Learn about slugs

    You can learn more about this slimy animal. You can read books or watch documentaries that teach you about slugs.

  2. Wear a slug costume

    You can wear a slug costume and enjoy being a slug for the day. It’s a fun way to get people talking about slugs.

  3. Tell someone about slugs

    Talk to people about slugs. You can share any interesting facts you know about the animal.

5 Facts About Slugs

  1. Slugs are considered to be invertebrates

    Slugs do not have a backbone so they are considered to be invertebrates.

  2. Slugs don’t have normal mouths

    Slugs do not have teeth or tongues but use a radula to grind their food.

  3. Slugs are known to lay eggs

    Slugs have been known to lay their eggs under leaves or on the soil.

  4. Slug eggs survive for long periods

    Slug eggs can survive for years until the conditions are favorable for hatching.

  5. Slugs are mostly foot

    The largest part of the slug is the muscle that is the foot.

Why We Love Slugs Return From Capistrano Day

  1. They can reproduce alone

    Slugs have both male and female organs. This means that they can fertilize their eggs.

  2. They are active in spring and fall

    Slugs are more active in the spring and fall. This is because they don’t like hot weather.

  3. They live long

    Slugs can live from one to six years. The lifespan of slugs usually depends on the species.

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day dates

2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday
2029May 28Monday

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