National Hamburger Day – May 28, 2020

Thu May 28

The hamburger is a classic staple of western culture. Historically, it’s most likely that the first hamburger sandwich first appeared in the 19th or early 20th centuries, but there is much controversy over its origin. Over the years, the hamburger has risen as a culinary icon in America. Burger joints, takeaway food outlets and all-night-eateries serve them up in their millions – with cheese, salad, pickles, bacon and sauces. Why not celebrate National Hamburger Day by making hamburgers your own way on May 28?

National Hamburger Day - Survey Results

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National Hamburger Day Activities

  1. Create Your Own Hamburger

    Pick one of the many hamburger recipes online, go to your local deli or grocery store to buy the ingredients, and handle business. Most importantly, make that burger with love!

  2. Give the gift of Hamburger

    Yes, we said it. Give a hamburger to a loved-one, friend, or a complete stranger you pass on the street. There you go, making the world a better place, one burger at a time.

  3. Head over to your local In-n-Out or Equivalent Restaurant

    You’ll be amazed at the various locations you’ll find nearby. Walk-in and enjoy a finely crafted hamburger at your fingertips.

Why We Love National Hamburger Day

  1. Familiarity

    Sometimes, when we go out to eat, we don’t like want to be challenged. We crave the taste of the familiar and nothing's more familiar, at least to Americans, than the taste of a good ol’ hamburger.

  2. The Taste

    Looking to have your mind blown? The possibilities are endless as you create your own combination of meats, cheese, vegetables, seasonings and sauces and have your hamburger your own way. Yes please.

  3. It’s a Great Meal on-the-go

    While some people love sitting down and taking their time to enjoy a great hoagie, some just simply have a fast-paced lifestyle. For those people always on the go, a hamburger is always a great idea.

National Hamburger Day dates
2020May 28Thursday
2021May 28Friday
2022May 28Saturday
2023May 28Sunday
2024May 28Tuesday