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Whooping Crane Day – May 28, 2024

Whooping Crane Day takes place every year on May 28 to show appreciation for the rarest of all cranes. Adult cranes are usually almost completely white. Their non-white markings are their black wingtips and black facial markings. Whooping cranes are well known for the fact that they mate for life. The chicks are born a cinnamon brown color. The male and female whooping cranes do not have specific gender names like most animals. They are seen to have elaborate courtship rituals which usually involve dances and unison calls.

History of Whooping Crane Day

Whooping Crane was very close to extinction by the year 1973 with less than 50 birds in the entire population. The International Crane Foundation, located in Baraboo, Wisconsin, helps conserve cranes and their ecosystems around the world. The organization provides information, leadership, and encouragement to help resolve the issues affecting cranes. People need to cooperate to protect and restore Whooping Crane populations and their ecosystems. The holiday serves as an important opportunity to spread awareness to people about the situation with Whooping Cranes. More people in society can understand what these wonderful creatures go through. This allows us to create measures that help to protect them. Once we understand an animal species better, we can help them survive and grow.

The Whooping Crane is considered to be among the oldest living bird species on earth. Many people know about them but do not take that much interest. The average American may be aware of cranes but not know how they live or the situations they face in their environments. Cranes serve as a symbol of longevity and fidelity. The Crane symbol can also represent purity, vigilance, longevity, and good fortune. The meanings of crane birds can also be negative in some cultures. They can be used to represent deception, death, or even as a symbol of the devil. About 11 of the 15 species are currently threatened with extinction due to factors such as hunting, habitat loss, and poisoning. Conserving endangered birds has proven to be a challenge.

Whooping Crane Day timeline

The Law to Protect Birds

The Endangered Species Act is passed at a time when less than 50 Whooping Cranes remain in the wild.

The Cranes are Protected

The International Crane Foundation receives 22 Whooping Cranes from Patuxent which are to produce chicks every year.

Whooping Cranes Population Improves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that there are about 505 Whooping Cranes.

The Bird’s Population on a Steady Rise

Whooping Cranes population in the wild becomes 677.

Whooping Crane Day FAQs

What class of animal is the Whooping Crane?

The Whooping Crane belongs to the Aves class.

How many Whooping Cranes are left?

In 1941, there were only 21 birds left in the wild. Now, it is estimated that there are about 800 Whooping Cranes in the world.

How long do Whooping Cranes live?

Whooping Cranes in the wild can have a life span of up to 22 — 24 years.

How to Observe Whooping Crane Day

  1. Donate for support

    You can donate to a non-profit organization that is responsible for caring for birds. The International Crane Foundation could be a good option to start.

  2. Learn about Whooping Cranes

    You can celebrate the holiday by learning more about this tall bird. Believe me, it’ll intrigue you.

  3. Create awareness about other endangered species

    The Whooping Crane isn’t the only endangered species. Today, you could take the first step to learn about and support other endangered wildlife.

5 Amazing Facts About Whooping Crane

  1. It is a tall bird

    The Whooping Crane is considered to be the tallest bird in North America.

  2. It has a unique egg laying system

    The Whooping Cranes usually lay their eggs in clutches with two eggs per clutch.

  3. There’s speedy growth

    The chicks usually grow up at one inch per day during their first summer.

  4. They have broad wings

    Whooping Cranes can have a wingspan of about seven to eight feet. They usually weigh an average of 15 pounds which allows them to fly for long distances.

  5. 62 mph!

    The average adult Whooping Crane flies at a speed of about 37— 50 mph. Some fast cranes can even reach speeds of up to 62 mph.

Why Whooping Crane Day is Important

  1. We get to speak against extinction

    Who knows how the extinction of Whooping Cranes is going to affect the ecosystem? Let’s do everything in our power to prevent it.

  2. We get to learn about a fascinating bird

    We get to know more about such an amazing bird. Astonishment and appreciation towards wildlife make us more loyal to the cause of protecting it.

  3. We get to offer our support

    Awareness begets useful contributions and support. Being able to do something towards the conservation of the Whooping Crane bird is very fulfilling.

Whooping Crane Day dates

2024May 28Tuesday
2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday

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