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Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan – May 28, 2024

The Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, formerly referred to as Republic Day, often referred to as Independence Day, is observed on May 28 and is a national holiday in the country of Azerbaijan. This day celebrates the founding of the first Turkic and Islamic country to allow women to vote and establish equal political rights for both genders. The founding occurred in May of 1918 when Azerbaijan first declared independence from the Russian Empire.

History of Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan was a country under the control of the Russian Empire, which was overthrown during the Russian Revolution of 1917. In May of 1918, scholar and public figure Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh founded the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, declaring its independence for the first time. By the end of the year, in November, the republic even had its own flag. During the few years that followed, Azerbaijani women received the right to vote and the country became the first Islamic and Turkic territory to provide women and men equal political rights.

However, once the Soviet Union ascended to power in the east of Europe, Azerbaijan was again invaded and the power of the government was taken over. It was only after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1991, that Azerbaijan was able to reclaim its independence, becoming the new Republic of Azerbaijan in August. Although there are many self-proclaimed independent regions within and surrounding the territory of the country, they are still considered part of Azerbaijan by the international community.

Azerbaijan is a geographical region that encompasses various backgrounds. Those we call Azerbaijanis today were once called Caucasian Turks, Transcaucasian Muslims, and Tatars. The country has a population of around 10 million people. It was also accepted into the council of the United Nations in 1992 and adopted a Constitution in 1995.

Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan timeline

The Russian Revolution

This event brought forth the opportunity for Azerbaijan to begin its process of declaring independence.

Foundation of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan

Mammad Amin Rasulzadeh founds the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan.

Soviet Union Invasion

The Soviet Union takes over Azerbaijan once again.

Re-Declaration of Independence

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan was once again able to declare its independence.

Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan FAQs

Is Azerbaijan an Islamic country?

The majority of the population of Azerbaijan is Muslim, most being Shi’i, with a Sunni minority. A small percentage of Azerbaijanis are part of the Russian or the Armenian Orthodox Churches.

Is Azerbaijan safe for tourists?

Azerbaijan is considered a country with a medium risk, which means that it can be safe to visit as long as you keep your eyes open and pay attention to your surroundings.

Is Azerbaijan a poor country?

The poverty rate in Azerbaijan is relatively low, documented as a little above 5% in 2018.

How to Observe Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan

  1. Attend a military parade

    There are ceremonies you can attend at the Buta Palace and at Istiglaliyyat Street, which help celebrate this important day. See what you can take part in on this day.

  2. Read about Azerbaijan

    The best way to get to know more and observe this holiday is by reading about Azerbaijan and understanding its culture and community. You never know what you might discover.

  3. Set up the flag of Azerbaijan

    If you have the official flag of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, set it up outside your home to show support. Let others know about this important day through your appreciation.

5 Interesting Facts About Azerbaijan

  1. Pancakes every day

    ‘Kutabi,’ which is a pancake with filling, is considered one of the national dishes.

  2. Land of fire

    Not only does the name ‘Azerbaijan’ mean ‘protector of fire,’ but the country is also known as being home to some of the world’s oldest hearths, used thousands of years ago for rituals where its people worshiped the element of fire.

  3. Women participation

    Azerbaijan is considered the most advanced Muslim country when it comes to gender equality and was also the first Muslim country to allow women to vote.

  4. Land of oil

    Over half of the world’s production of oil, in 1901, came from reserves in Azerbaijan.

  5. Love of horses

    The national animal of Azerbaijan is the Karabakh breed of horses, known for being intelligent and fast, and also for having lots of endurance.

Why Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan is Important

  1. It’s all about independence

    Holidays that get to celebrate and observe the power of independence are important because they remind us of our right to freedom and how appreciative we should be of it. Encourage people to learn more about independence this holiday.

  2. It raises historical awareness

    Knowing the history of a country or a region allows people to better understand the cultural aspects of a community and appreciate their contribution to our world as well as their own. Only by knowing the mistakes of the past can we ensure we don’t repeat them.

  3. It unites the people of Azerbaijan

    Everyone across Azerbaijan comes together to observe and celebrate this important holiday. It brings a sense of unity to the country.

Founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan dates

2024May 28Tuesday
2025May 28Wednesday
2026May 28Thursday
2027May 28Friday
2028May 28Sunday

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