September 8th holidays

September 8 is the 251st day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, the body of Jack the Ripper's second victim was found, the Plege of Allegiance was first said, and Yellowstone National Park was closed for the first time ever due to fires. Famous birthdays include Pink, Bernie Sanders, and Wiz Khalifa. September 8 also marks German Language Day and International Literacy Day.

We have 8 holidays listed for September 8.


International Literacy Day

"To remind the public of the importance of literacy as dignity and human rights.”


National Ampersand Day

Oh, yes, ampersand! Get your pens ready as we explore this curly and quirky little character.


National Dog Walker Appreciation Day

Let us appreciate the incredible people who help and celebrate our furry friends every day!


National Iguana Awareness Day

It’s the day to learn about taking good care of iguanas.


Native Women's Equal Pay Day

Let’s learn more about Native Women’s Equal Pay Day and how to raise awareness.


Pardon Day

Human relationships can become sour, but also give us a chance to find peace and happiness.


World Literacy Day

Be a part of the movement as millions across the globe advocate for literacy!


World Physical Therapy Day

World Physical Therapy Day is observed every year on September 8. It is celebrated to raise awareness about the critical role of physical therapists and…
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