Fe4RLess, also known as Ali, is an American YouTube star and gamer born on September 8, 1998. Ali’s career dates back to 2013 with his first Call of Duty video uploaded. Now, Fe4RLess has evolved into a gaming sensation with 9.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Ali is talented and dedicated to his craft, which is the reason for celebrating his special day today!

Fast Facts

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Birth date:

September 8, 1998



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Net Worth:

$1 million

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Ali, better known by his alias Fe4RLess, is an American YouTube gamer that has risen to fame with his funny montages of video games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Ali was born on September 8, 1998, in the U.S. He is of middle-eastern descent and a Virgo by design. Ali has a sister and attended high school before his rise to fame.

His career dates back to 2013 when he created the YouTube channel, Fe4RLess. His debut video on the channel was posted on December 22, 2013. The video is titled “Xbox One Game DVR Quality Test (Cod Ghosts).” The video now has 1.4 million views. Ali kept posting streams from different games, and in February 2019, he posted a video called “AIMBOT 2.0.” This video became his most popular video on the channel, amassing 70.7 million views, 74k comments, and almost a million likes. Fe4RLess has 173 videos on his YouTube channel. His most recent video was posted in January 2021 with the title, “MINECRAFT OOF.”

Ali has garnered fame as Fe4RLess across his social media platforms. However, he has the best of both worlds because no one knows who he is, what he looks like, or what goes on in his personal life. There are no pictures of him on his social media either. However, with such a massive hub of dedicated fans and followers, Fe4RLess has amassed enviable fame and success. We can only assume he shares his success with those he loves the most which are his friends and family.

Career timeline

The Debut Video

Ali posts his debut video.

The Most Popular Video

Ali posts his most popular video called ‘AIMBOT 2.0.’

The Most Recent Video

Ali posts ‘MINECRAFT OOF,’ which has amassed 18 million views.

He’s Gone AWOL

Fe4RLess is nowhere to be found, and he hasn’t posted on his channel for over a year.

Why We Love Fe4RLess

  1. He is funny

    Ali’s funny commentaries on his video game streams contributed to his fame. He is hilarious, and so are his videos.

  2. He loves what he does

    Fe4RLess loves playing video games, and he’s perfected the craft. His passion shows in his techniques and dedication to the game.

  3. He is hardworking

    Ali started his channel in 2013, and he has almost 10 million subscribers today. He achieved this feat with hard work and consistency.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He doesn’t have a son

    Ali uploaded a video titled ‘Playing Fortnite with my SON…..lol,’ but later revealed he doesn’t have a son.

  2. He lives with his mom

    In a 2018 video, Ali revealed he lives with his mother.

  3. He has no posts on his Instagram

    Ali has 343,000 followers and zero posts on his Instagram account.

  4. He didn’t know how to play Minecraft

    Ali started playing Minecraft in 2021 and revealed he could not play the game.

  5. He wants Minecraft’s song at his funeral

    During a video game session, Fe4RLess revealed that if the Minecraft song isn’t played at his funeral, he’s not dying.

Fe4RLess FAQs

Why did Fe4RLess quit?

Fe4RLess has been MIA since January 2021, but there’s no telling whether he has quit YouTube as his account is still operational.

Does Fe4RLess still play Fortnite?

Yes, he does.

What is the rarest skin in Fortnite?

Reports claim the rarest skin in the game is the Aerial Assault Trooper skin.

Fe4RLess’s birthday dates

2024September 8Sunday
2025September 8Monday
2026September 8Tuesday
2027September 8Wednesday
2028September 8Friday

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