Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, originally Jonathan Taylor Weiss, is an American actor and director born on September 8, 1981. He rose to fame portraying Randy Taylor on “Home Improvement” and voicing young Simba in Walt Disney Pictures’ 1994 film, “The Lion King.” His stage name is a mashup of his real first name, his real middle name, and his brother’s middle name (Thomas). Thomas enjoyed a successful career as a child star. He appeared in numerous films as an actor and voice artist and received various award nominations, of which he won five. As an adult, he’s largely stayed away from the acting scene.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jonathan Taylor Thomas



Birth date:

September 8, 1981



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$16 million


Jonathan Taylor Thomas began acting in 1987 at age seven. He was born in Pennsylvania shortly before his family moved to Sacramento, California. He eventually moved to Los Angeles with his mom and brother to pursue his acting career.

His roles in the animation film “The Lion King” and A.B.C.’s weekly T.V. sitcom “Home Improvement” thrust him into the limelight. Beginning his television career in 1990, Thomas played Kevin Brady, son of Greg Brady, on “The Bradys,” the spin-off of the popular 1970s T.V. show, “The Brady Bunch.” The following year, Thomas appeared in three episodes of the sketch comedy series “In Living Color” and landed the role of Randy Taylor on “Home Improvement.” This role made him instantly famous at only 10 years of age. Thomas’s shaggy hair, blue eyes, and bright smile quickly turned him into a teen idol with millions of fans. He became so famous that he was featured on practically every magazine cover in the 1990s.

Thomas stepped away from the spotlight at the decade’s end. After leaving “Home Improvement” in 1998 to focus on school, he didn’t look for leading parts in other productions. Instead, he landed guest spots on “Veronica Mars” and “ Simple Rules” and voiced a character for six episodes of “The Wild Thornberrys.” After this, he again kept a low profile until he appeared on the sitcom “Last Man Standing” between 2013 and 2015. He starred in four episodes of the series and directed three. Thomas also chose to turn down bigger film offers, including “American Pie.” Although he fell off the radar in his later years, fans still remember him, fondly referring to him as ‘J.T.T.’

Career timeline

Thomas Ventures Back into Voice Acting

After his success in “The Lion King,” he voices Pinocchio in “The Adventures of Pinocchio.”

April 1998
He Bags a Win

He bags the Kids’ Choice Awards for ‘Favorite Television Actor for his role in “Home Improvement.”

December 1998
Thomas Returns

After leaving the show earlier in the year, he makes his final guest appearance before the show’s end.

Thomas Steps Out Again

He is spotted in Hollywood and photographed for the first time in nearly eight years.

Why We Love Jonathan Taylor Thomas

  1. He stays low-key

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas doesn’t share much about his private life. These days, he prefers a laid-back lifestyle — he doesn’t even have social media accounts!

  2. He’s honest

    In the ’90s, Thomas was candid about starting his career so early and being unsure if he wanted to act for the rest of his life. He widened his focus to include other ventures as a backup plan.

  3. He’s successful

    Thomas has enjoyed a successful career. He’s a well-known actor whose work is still known decades later.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has a famous uncle

    His uncle is renowned playwright and actor Jeff Weiss.

  2. He is of mixed descent

    Thomas has Portuguese and Pennsylvania Dutch (German) ancestry.

  3. He’s vegetarian

    Thomas has been a vegetarian since he was four years old.

  4. He’s an R&B fan

    During his childhood, Thomas liked the music group Boyz II Men.

  5. He’s really smart

    Thomas attended Harvard University from 2000 to 2002 and spent a year at St Andrews University in Scotland before eventually graduating from Columbia University.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas FAQs

Does Jonathan Taylor Thomas have any siblings?

He has an older brother named Joel Thomas Weiss.

Where was Jonathan Taylor Thomas born?

He was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Where does Jonathan Taylor Thomas live?

Thomas lives in Hollywood.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s birthday dates

2024September 8Sunday
2025September 8Monday
2026September 8Tuesday
2027September 8Wednesday
2028September 8Friday

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