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WedApr 2

National Ferret Day – April 2, 2025

National Ferret Day is observed annually on April 2 to spread awareness, dispel misgivings, and educate people about taking care of the domesticated ferret. An intelligent, loyal and faithful companion, the ferret is frequently misunderstood as a nuisance because of its mischievous nature. On April 2 every year, ferret lovers and the American Ferret Association help the public understand more about these furry creatures.

History of National Ferret Day

A ferret is a furry creature with razor-sharp teeth belonging to the weasel or Mustelidae family. Known to live up to 10 years, ferrets can have different hair colors — brown, black, white, or even mixed hues. The word ‘ferret’ is borrowed from a Latin phrase for ‘little thief,’ which aptly describes the animal’s penchant for extracting or ‘ferreting’ things out. Humans began domesticating these animals over 2,500 years ago as a substitute for the European polecats. Landowners utilized its capabilities to kill vermin, pests, and rodents, which would run riot in their fields. The cunning and wily ferret sniffs out pests and brings them out from their hiding places.

Because of their mischievous nature and attention-seeking habits, people have misgivings about ferrets. At times, they produce a musky odor, which some people may find repulsive. Due to these attributes, some districts in the United States, including California and Hawaii, have banned keeping them as pets. The American Ferret Association recognized April 2 as National Ferret Day to dispel some myths surrounding domesticated ferrets. Although the day has been officially celebrated since 2014, it was instituted well before it by Carol Roche, a New York citizen fascinated by her pet ferret.

National Ferret Day is an attempt by lovers of these remarkable and resilient creatures to make people fall in love with them. The day provides ferret lovers with a platform to share their passion and educate the broader public about this cute animal’s affectionate, loving and helpful nature.

National Ferret Day timeline

California Bans Pet Ferrets

California's Fish and Game Commission upholds a policy to ban neutered male ferrets as domesticated animals.

Ferrets Become Popular Pets

A survey reveals that there are nearly eight million pet ferrets worldwide, mainly in Canada and America.

The Ferret's Day Out

Carol Roche, a New Yorker fascinated by her pet ferret's affectionate yet independent nature, decides to celebrate April 2 each year as National Ferret Day.

The Day Gains Recognition

The American Ferret Association officially recognizes April 2 as National Ferret Day.

National Ferret Day FAQs

Is the ferret an endangered animal?

The wild counterpart of the pet ferret, the black-footed ferret, is an endangered species, which had almost gone extinct till a few decades back.

Are ferrets ferocious?

Although ferrets were used for hunting rabbits and rodents, pet ferrets don’t pose a danger to humans. Despite their razor-sharp teeth, they are not known to bite humans. There are no known records of feral ferret attacks.

Why is it illegal to keep ferrets as pets in some places?

Ferrets as pets are considered illegal in California and Hawaii. Hawaii considers it unethical to domesticate exotic pets and classifies ferrets as one. In California, a government policy dating back to 1933 considered ferrets to be unsuitable for domestication. The policy was subsequently upheld in 1986.

National Ferret Day Activities

  1. Watch the documentary “Ferret Town”

    The wild counterpart of the pet ferret, the black-footed ferret, was considered extinct in the 1980s when an accidental discovery of a small population in a Wyoming ranch triggered conservation efforts. Watch the incredible story of the black-footed ferret's resurrection from near extinction in the documentary.

  2. Spend more time with your pet ferret

    If you have a ferret, celebrate the day by spending more time with your pet. Ferrets love attention, and when they are showered with affection, they break into a jig known popularly as the ‘Ferret war dance.’ It's an amazing spectacle!

  3. Educate yourself about ferrets

    If you don't like ferrets, read more about them. Perhaps some subconscious myth is making you loathe them. Check out social media and resource pages of the American Ferret Association for authentic information on ferrets. There's no harm in busting some myths.

5 Amazing Facts About The Ferret

  1. A ‘Business’

    A family or group of ferrets is called a ‘business’ due to their sociable nature.

  2. They love to sleep

    Ferrets sleep up to 18 hours daily and are most active at dusk and dawn.

  3. Hunting animals

    Hunters used ferrets for hunting rabbits in the 1600s.

  4. They can be trained

    Ferrets can be trained to use litter boxes, run through pipes, cross mazes, and run obstacle courses.

  5. A part of research studies

    Ferrets have been part of the research for the development of vaccines.

Why We Love National Ferret Day

  1. Ferrets, like other pets, respond to affection

    Like other furry creatures, ferrets love attention and reciprocate with affection. The “ferret war dance” can bring a smile to anyone's lips. The myth that ferrets are troublesome, and a nuisance is not entirely correct. If trained properly, they can become a faithful companion.

  2. They are fun to play with

    Ferrets enjoy going through mazes and pipes and over obstacles. Playing with them is fun and can be therapeutic. We need to appreciate the ferret's ability to be fun companions to play with.

  3. We dispel the misgivings about ferrets

    There are a lot of misgivings and myths attached to ferrets, which have made people dislike them. There is a widely held belief that they cannot be domesticated. A pet ferret can be as affectionate a companion as a dog when appropriately trained. They also lovingly respond to attention.

National Ferret Day dates

2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 2Thursday
2027April 2Friday
2028April 2Sunday
2029April 2Monday

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