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National DIY Day – April 2, 2025

It’s all about getting the job done yourself on National DIY Day, celebrated annually on April 2. “Do it yourself,” or D.I.Y., as it’s often abbreviated, is the act of creatively handling tasks you would usually hire someone to do. These include building, decorating, fixing, and renovating. This day was created by the Craft Box Girls team to encourage fellow crafters, and spark the creative interests of people of all ages and genders across the nation.

History of National DIY Day

D.I.Y. is a self-made culture that applies to the large things like flipping a house, and the smaller things like cutting your hair. People have been doing it themselves for longer than you might imagine. In the times when you couldn’t look up a name and phone number through a yellow book, or search online for your local artisans, people relied on personal skills and helpful advice to get the job done.

In the 6th century B.C., there was a temple-like building in Basilicata, and just like our modern instruction manuals, it held instructions on how to mass-produce its components, as well as how these components fit together to create the building. These ruins were discovered by Italian archeologists, and are now known as ‘an ancient IKEA building’.

Early in the twentieth century, magazines like “Popular Mechanics” and “Mechanix Illustrated” were published to give users practical skills and techniques needed to develop certain tools, and by the middle of the same century, D.I.Y. had become a common term and practice for people undertaking home improvement projects, and smaller creative tasks.

By the late 1900s, D.I.Y. had taken over with several television shows and channels dedicated to the act. The development of the internet and the World Wide Web, also led to a breakthrough for DIY projects, as it became easier to access videos and blogs dedicated to self-made creative lifestyle improvements.

Craft Box Girls was founded by craft expert Lynn Lilly and is one of the creative destinations that offer easy access to D.I.Y. projects. These projects include but are not limited to, home decor projects, virtual craft camps, and even kids’ craft projects. National DIY Day was created by the Craft Box Girls team in 2016.

National DIY Day timeline

“Do it Yourself”

“D.I.Y.” becomes a commonly used term, mostly applying to home renovation projects and smaller crafts.

Books are Published

D.I.Y. home improvement books make their way into the market with Sunset Books being one of the first publishers of such.

The Internet and Television

D.I.Y. content makes its way to the World Wide Web and television channels like HGTV and DIY Network.

Craft Box Girls

The Craft Box Girls company is founded by craft-expert Lynn Lilly.

National DIY Day FAQs

Who created the term “Do it yourself”?

There is no particular origin story. From the mass popularity of D.I.Y. crafts and skills in the 1950s, the concept was mostly defined as self-help, until the creation of the “Do It Yourself” magazine in 1962, which contained practical skills men could do around the house such as bricklaying, wallpaper hanging, furniture making, and interior design.

What was the first D.I.Y. manual?

“Mechanick Exercises” written by Joseph Moxon is considered to be the grandfather of all D.I.Y. manuals. This manual was published in 1683 and contained information describing how to be a blacksmith, print books, draw, join wood, and even make maps and mathematical instruments.

When was Home & Garden Television created?

Home & Garden Television is a television network channel dedicated to home improvement and real estate skills. It was launched in 1994 in the United States and Canada.

National DIY Day Activities

  1. Do it yourself

    Just as the name of the day implies, National DIY Day is dedicated to the act of doing things yourself in the most creative way possible. So what better way is there to spend the day than doing things yourself? Whatever you planned on hiring services for today, whether it’s visiting the barbers or finally fixing those squeaky steps, take some time out to finally get the job done by yourself.

  2. Create something new

    As we have established, D.I.Y. is not a concept made only for large-scale projects, renovation, and remodeling purposes, this skill extends to fun creative projects as well. Is there a new accessory you’ve been meaning to purchase for your house? Save some costs by watching YouTube videos to see how you can make it yourself, and don’t forget to put your creative spin on it. Share your creations using the hashtag #NationalDIYDay.

  3. Join the Craft Box Girls

    The Craft Box Girls team organizes several projects, live broadcasts, videos, and events leading up to the main National DIY Day event. They also bring in several crafters from across the country to share their knowledge and rub minds. Visit their website to see how you can join the team and participate in all the exciting activities.

5 Interesting Facts About Crafting

  1. Arts and crafts was founded in the 1800s

    The arts and crafts movement was founded by William Morris due to the need to reduce mass-produced products, and to create more beautiful, unique, and useful products.

  2. It’s a stress relief

    D.I.Y. projects like knitting, origami, and painting have proven to be major stress and anxiety relievers.

  3. Etsy is taking the lead

    Etsy is the largest global e-commerce site for craft items.

  4. It’s a money-making industry

    As of 2017, the craft industry in the US was worth over $40 billion.

  5. Watch your step

    The most common D.I.Y. injuries are caused by falling off a ladder.

Why We Love National DIY Day

  1. It’s all about creativity

    You can’t go wrong on National DIY Day, because it’s driven purely by creativity. The skills to act on your creativity is something that can be developed with passion and practice, and we live for a day that allows individuals to be their most creative selves.

  2. It develops hidden talents

    You never know what you’re truly capable of until you try it, and the DIY concept is all about developing talents and skills you never knew you had. It challenges us to take up a new skill, and possibly find out our hidden talents.

  3. It’s a kid-friendly holiday

    One thing to love about the D.I.Y. concept is that it’s open to people of all genders and ages. D.I.Y. crafts give kids a creative outlet to spend their leisure time, and we are all for it!

National DIY Day dates

2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 2Thursday
2027April 2Friday
2028April 2Sunday
2029April 2Monday

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