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National Love Your Produce Manager Day – April 2, 2025

National Love Your Produce Manager Day is observed on April 2 every year in the United States. Customers express their gratitude to the supermarket produce managers, and the wonderful work they do to ensure that we get fresh food daily. The day acknowledges all the hard work that produce managers do to bring us the world’s best produce straight to our storefront. Produce managers are members of the supermarket administrative staff. They are responsible for choosing which produce their store will sell and the best places they can source it. Don’t forget to thank a produce manager today.

History of National Love Your Produce Manager Day

The next time you are in the produce section of your grocery store, take a moment to realize that someone has to order the fresh produce, keep the shelves stocked, and bring you fresh seasonal produce all the time. New produce only finds its way to supermarkets when a produce manager takes the initiative to stock it.

In addition to placing orders, produce managers set up visually appealing displays and help customers have easy access to the best items. They decide on the colors, sizes, flavors, and options that are on offer to the customers. In effect, just about everything that pops up on your plate was brought to you by a produce manager. How remarkable is that?

National Love Your Produce Manager Day was first observed in 2012. The day highlights the role of a store’s produce manager, who is fully responsible for creating and maintaining the produce display. This person also works within the supermarket’s guidelines to optimize sales and boost the net profit of their department. In addition to these duties, produce managers are involved in introducing and experimenting with new products in their department. Consequently, many supermarket sales depend on the efforts of these managers. They aim to offer better customer service; a well-qualified and efficient manager contributes to building a loyal customer base that’s sure to keep shoppers returning for more. Businesses that invest in produce managers invariably perform much better than those that do not.

National Love Your Produce Manager Day timeline

First Supermarkets

The concept is developed by entrepreneur Clarence Saunders and his Piggly Wiggly stores.

Perishable Items

Supermarkets start storing perishable food items.

First True American Supermarket

Goods are sold in bulk and at discounted rates.


The first online supermarket appears.

National Love Your Produce Manager Day FAQs

What is the role of a produce manager?

The primary responsibility of the produce manager is to achieve produce sales and gross profit. In addition, they are also responsible for overseeing the entire produce department operation.

How much does a produce manager make?

The salaries of produce managers in the U.S. ranges from $10,321 to $256,011, with a median salary of $51,719.

What is the role of a grocery manager?

Grocery Store Managers plan and direct the day-to-day operations of a grocery store. They also develop strategies to improve customer service, drive store sales, and increase profitability.

How to Observe National Love Your Produce Manager Day

  1. Say thanks

    Celebrate National Love Your Produce Manager Day by saying thanks to the produce managers at the local supermarkets that you visit. After all, they are the reason you enjoy delicious and fresh produce every day.

  2. Post on social media

    Make more people aware of National Love Your Produce Manager Day by posting about it to your social media accounts. Encourage them to thank the produce managers at their local supermarkets.

  3. Honor them with a gift

    A great way to celebrate National Love Your Produce Manager Day is by presenting a produce manager with a small gift. Thank them with a card and tell them how much you appreciate their services.

5 Interesting Facts About Supermarkets

  1. Supermarkets often label their fish incorrectly

    The chances of this are as high as 84%.

  2. Europe has social supermarkets

    Second-hand items are sold at these stores at highly discounted prices.

  3. Supermarket visits can be quite long

    On average, we spend 43 minutes on a supermarket visit.

  4. A supermarket has endless options

    A supermarket usually stocks about 39,500 items on average.

  5. Shoppers love processed foods

    Most shoppers spend more money on sweets and processed foods.

Why National Love Your Produce Manager Day is Important

  1. Managers bring us the best produce

    National Love Your Produce Manager Day acknowledges the crucial role that produce managers play in bringing the best produce to our plates every day. Thank a produce manager on this day.

  2. It appreciates the unseen efforts

    When we visit a supermarket, we forget to think about those who bring us the produce and display it for our convenience. National Love Your Produce Manager Day appreciates the efforts of all those involved in the task.

  3. Produce managers are indispensable

    Produce managers are indispensable to our daily lives. They make sure we have the best fresh produce and the most nutritious and delicious foods available. National Love Your Produce Manager Day thanks them for their efforts.

National Love Your Produce Manager Day dates

2025April 2Wednesday
2026April 2Thursday
2027April 2Friday
2028April 2Sunday
2029April 2Monday

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