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ThuJun 5

World Environment Day – June 5, 2025

World Environment Day urges all of us to protect our natural surroundings. The stunning facts? An estimated 7 million people die each year from causes related to air pollution, with a majority occurring in the Asia-Pacific region. This day, which falls on June 5, encourages worldwide activism. That means everything from littering to climate change. World Environment Day is both a global celebration and a platform for public outreach.

China, which now owns half the world’s electric vehicles and 99 percent of the world’s electric buses, hosted the 2019 event. “The country has demonstrated tremendous leadership in tackling air pollution domestically,” said Acting Head of UN Environment Joyce Msuya. “It can now help spur the world to greater action.” The UN first established World Environment Day in 1972.

When is World Environment Day 2025?

World Environment Day is observed on June 5 every year. Outside of our homes is the actual home we all live in, and preserving it for future generations is more crucial than ever.

History of World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is one of the more unique and special holidays because of its history and its many firsts. It was created on the first day of the first-ever U.N. conference which focused on humans and how they interact with the environment.

However, this didn’t happen overnight. Sweden first suggested having such a conference to the U.N. way back in 1968. And in 1969, the U.N. agreed that after 3 years they would have a conference in Sweden that focused on environmental issues. Interestingly enough, the conference was led by Maurice Strong, a Canadian diplomat who worked in the oil and mineral industry, who also had a soft spot for the environment.

Finally, it all came together in 1972, after 4 years of preparations and $30,000,000 later. World leaders from around the world sat together to discuss how they can raise awareness to protect our environment — and it was then WED was made. Then 2 years later, the first-ever WED was celebrated with the slogan “Only One Earth.”

Ever since then, WED has been completely embraced by people everywhere, so much so that it’s even slowly creeping into pop culture (and we love it!) Celebrities around the world all encourage people, in their own unique way, to do their part and “ save the world”. Fan-favorites Leonardo DiCaprio and Meryl Streep are some of the many who constantly speak out about environmental awareness. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a famous actor, an athlete or a student in college: gather your friends and spend a day outdoors doing fun activities towards preserving this beautiful planet. Believe us when we say, you’ll have a blast and feel so much better afterward.

World Environment Day timeline

The Idea is Born  

Sweden suggests to the UN to have a conference that is focused on the environment.

First U.N Environmental Conference

Maurice Strong finally leads the discussions about marine pollution, human overpopulation, and global warming.

A Dream Debut

The first World Environment Day is celebrated in Spokane, Washington.

China Hosts World Environment Day

China raises awareness of the 7 million people who die annually from air pollution with the slogan  'Beat Air Pollution.' 

Traditions of the Day

Sustainability and the protection of the environment are without a doubt among the most pressing issues we face in the world today. The core necessities of life all come from Mother Nature and, unfortunately, we take it for granted. World Environment Day encourages everyone from individuals to large-scale corporations to be more conscious of their impact on the environment. 

A theme is observed every year. The theme for 2020 was ‘Biodiversity.’ Advocacy campaigns and calls for change are heavily promoted, all the while educating others to adopt healthy actions and break patterns that contribute to the degradation of the ecosystem. Just the simple act of switching off unnecessary lights has a tremendous effect. Exhibitions and events take place at educational institutions, with influential spokespeople in attendance.

By the Numbers

90 billion tons – the number of resources extracted from Earth every year.

7.8 billion – the number of people populating Earth.

4.1 billion – the number of consumers in the world.

5.6 billion – the number of consumers expected by 2030.

70% – the percentage of the world’s resources currently being overused.

2.12 billion tons – the number of waste dumped every year.

50 million tons – the number of e-waste produced every year.

$7.8 trillion – the value of the global production of synthetic chemicals.

2050 – the year when the world population is expected to be too big to feed.

2070 – the year when coral reefs are expected to be gone altogether.

World Environment Day FAQs

Is global warming real?

From the data gathered it seems so, and according to NASA, the debate is now moving from if humans are responsible for global warming to how is the best way to respond to the problem.

What fun activity can you do on World Environment Day?

Either by yourself or with a group of your friends or even family members, plant a sapling (young tree) and take a selfie with it. Don’t forget to post it on your social media with #SelfiewithSapling.

How often is World Environment Day celebrated?

Every year on June 5 World Environment Day is celebrated. The cool thing is, almost every year a new country hosts the holiday and since it was first celebrated 34 different cities in 25 countries have hosted this day.

How to Observe World Environment Day

  1. Make a commitment to recycle

    It might seem like a basic tip, but are you really taking every possible opportunity to recycle? Next time you're thinking about throwing that piece of paper in the trash because a recycling bin isn't accessible, think twice. Holding a plastic container and too lazy to see if it's one of the biodegradable kinds? Open up your smartphone and look it up! Everyone's responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions — including you.

  2. Plant a tree

    Trees absorb odors and pollutant gases (nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and ozone) and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. Placed strategically around a single-family home, they can cut summer air conditioning needs by up to 50 percent. By reducing the energy demand for cooling our houses, we reduce carbon dioxide and other pollution emissions from power plants.

  3. Volunteer

    Anyone can volunteer, and volunteering can make a difference to the whole community. Get out of your comfort zone by volunteering for the National Park Service, or stay local by volunteering at your farmers’ market. Any way you choose to participate, you'll feel the positive impact of getting out of the house and caring for the planet.

5 Interesting Facts About World Environment Day

  1. Solar Panels

    The largest solar farm, Yanchi Ningxia solar park in China, can provide up to 1 billion watts.

  2. CO2 Vacuum Cleaner

    Developed in Switzerland in 2016, giant machines capture CO2 to clean the air we breathe.

  3. The Ocean Cleanup

    Backed with $30 million and led by a 22-year-old, this company uses U-shaped screens to catch garbage in the ocean.

  4. Plant-Based Plastic

    Created by an Indonesian company, it’s made from agricultural leftovers like corn, sugarcane, etc.

  5. Eco-Friendly Batteries

    Developed in the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden using upgraded aluminum.

Why World Environment Day is Important

  1. It reconnects us to nature

    Sometimes we forget just how much natural systems support our own well-being. But we're part of nature, and we depend on it. So today's the perfect occasion to go out and enjoy your country's national parks, and celebrate the vital relationship.

  2. It raises awareness

    More and more people are starting to understand that we need to sustainably manage our planet's resources and ecosystems. However, that belief is far from universal. That's why World Environment Day is so important: it provides an occasion to raise awareness and teach friends and family that the physical environment is fragile and indispensable. But before you begin promoting environmental awareness in your own community, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of environmental issues yourself. There's always more to learn!

  3. It encourages us to take action

    The environment has become increasingly polluted with contaminants and toxins, and these have a harmful impact on our health. They can cause respiratory diseases and cancer—and that's just for starters. By raising awareness of the issues with the air that sustains us, World Environment Day inspires us to do something about it and fix the environment we can't live without.

World Environment Day dates

2025June 5Thursday
2026June 5Friday
2027June 5Saturday
2028June 5Monday
2029June 5Tuesday

Let’s get social

Here are some special hashtags for the day.

#WorldEnvironmentDay #EnvironmentDay #EnvironmentallyFriendly #EcoFriendly #Sustainable #SlowAndSustainable #EnvironmentDayIdeas #EnvironmentDayActivity

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