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WedJun 5

Sausage Roll Day – June 5, 2024

Sausage Roll Day is celebrated on June 5 every year to appreciate, eat, and relish the mixture of meat, seasoning, and buttery pastry. Do you know that sausages have been around for over 2,000 years? That earns it the title of one of the oldest consumed foods in the world. Sausages are generally made by mixing chopped or minced meat with different seasoning and cereals, and inserting it into a casing of animal intestine. The modern-day sausage’s birthplace is in Britain, from where it was adopted by America as a food staple.

History of Sausage Roll Day

Originally from France, the earliest-known celebration of the sausage roll in the United States was on Sausage Roll Day in 2015. Today, Britons also participate in celebrating the day. The word ‘sausage’ was derived from the Latin word ‘salsus,’ meaning salted or preserved. Historians purported that sausages were probably first invented not as food, but as a means of preserving blood, offal, and small scraps of meat in edible containers such as the stomachs and intestines of the slaughtered animals. Nevertheless, sausages were already being manufactured over two thousand years ago.

Sausage has been an important part of man’s diet for 20 centuries and was popular in ancient times, as it was mentioned in a Greek play written around 500 B.C. In fact, people were so fond of it that at one point, they made it an integral part of their festivities, prompting the early Church to ban it.

The sausage manufacturing industry continues to develop and, over the years, it has taken on various adaptations with new advances in technology. Every year’s celebration of Sausage Roll Day sees the inclusion of new sausage roll-making recipes in the ever-increasing list of the different types where consumers and lovers of the pastry experiment on the day. There is no doubt that the day is going to get better and more enjoyable as new flavors and innovative ways of enjoying this treat are introduced.

Sausage Roll Day timeline

5,000 Years Ago
An Early Start

The history of sausages starts in Sumeria, which is present-day Iraq.

900 B.C.
A Different Way to Enjoy Entertainment

Sausages become the equivalent of popcorn in Greek theaters.

320 A.D.
Sausage Prohibition

Emperor Constantinus I and the Catholic Church ban sausage eating due to its links to pagan festivals.

17th Century
Sausages Takes on a New Look

Sausages are divided into links during the reign of King Charles I.

Sausage Roll Day FAQs

Who invented sausages?

Sausages were invented by the Sumerians living in olden-day Mesopotamia.

Why is it called a sausage roll?

Because it looks like it. Sausage rolls are sausages wrapped in pastry.

What is a British sausage roll made of?

British sausage rolls are made from a flaky, light pastry called puff pastry.

Sausage Roll Day Activities

  1. Eat sausage rolls

    Get one or two rolls, sit back, relax, and relish their deliciousness. If you feel like adding more, well, why not?

  2. Try making a sausage roll recipe

    Search for different recipes online. If you’re not one to follow instructions, simply create a recipe and make your own mouth-watering version.

  3. Arrange a small sausage roll festival

    Take it to a whole new level. Get friends to rally behind you and have a mini food festival with sausages taking the limelight.

5 Fascinating Facts About Sausages

  1. They’re mentioned in the ‘Odyssey’

    Sausages were mentioned in a text written by Homer over 2,700 years ago.

  2. Queen Victoria was fond of it

    Queen Victoria was fond of sausages but disliked those made by mincing meat.

  3. The U.K.s in-home meal of choice

    Sausages surpassed cheese and ham sandwiches to become the U.K.'s number 1 in-home meal.

  4. Different types in different places

    There are different types and names of sausages depending on where they are made.

  5. Given a funny name during WW2

    Sausages were called 'bangers' during the Second World War because they exploded when fried.

Why We Love Sausage Roll Day

  1. Pastries are life savers

    Ready-made pastries, like sausage rolls, can come in handy. They’re perfect for when you don’t feel like cooking.

  2. It reveals our culinary skills

    Different sausage roll recipes are usually created or experimented with by would-be pastry makers, or even ordinary people on Sausage Roll Day. Try your hand at making some today.

  3. It’s a national heritage

    Sausages are originally from Britain. They indicate the rich culinary heritage of the British people.

Sausage Roll Day dates

2024June 5Wednesday
2025June 5Thursday
2026June 5Friday
2027June 5Saturday
2028June 5Monday

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