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President's Day in Equatorial Guinea – June 5, 2024

President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea, celebrated on June 5 every year, is a special day that honors, appreciates, and celebrates the birthday of Equatorial Guinea’s sitting president, Teodoro Obiang. Do you know that Obiang is one of the world’s longest-serving presidents? Despite more than a dozen attempts to topple him, Obiang has clung to power for more than 40 years and earned the title of Africa’s and the world’s longest-serving president. So, what’s so cool about this Central African nation that rarely makes the news, and what is the life story of Obiang? Read on to know more.

History of President's Day in Equatorial Guinea

Here are a few things you should know about Equatorial Guinea before we delve into its fascinating history and the origins of President’s Day. On the west coast of Africa is where this nation is situated. Gabon and Cameroon form their eastern and southern boundaries, respectively. It features a 20-kilometer-long coastline that’s home to a vast tropical rainforest rich in flora and fauna.

President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is a public holiday celebrated on the birthday of President Teodoro Obiang. Obiang is the second-longest consecutively serving current non-loyal national leader in the world. He graduated from military school and held numerous positions under the presidency of his uncle, Francisco Macias Nguema, before ousting him in a military coup that took place in August 1979.

After Macias gave the order to kill several members of their joint family, including Obiang’s brother, this coup got underway. Macias was put on trial for his crimes, including the genocide of the Bubi people that he had been doing for the preceding ten years because Obiang and others believed the president had gone insane and overthrown him in a coup. After being found guilty, Macias received the death penalty. On September 29, 1979, a firing squad carried out his execution. In 1982, Equatorial Guinea returned to civilian control, and Obiang was chosen to serve as president for seven years.

President's Day in Equatorial Guinea timeline

The Birth of Obiang

Obiang is born in the town of Acoacan, Spanish Guinea.

Obiang Rises to Power

Obiang begins his reign as the president of Equatorial Guinea.

The Multi-Party System Win

Obiang’s Democratic Party wins the first election with the multi-party system.

He Wins Again

Obiang wins the election again, even when the opposition boycotts some of the polls.

President's Day in Equatorial Guinea FAQs

What is Guinea famous for?

Guinea is famous for its natural resources. It has the largest deposits of bauxite and iron ore worldwide and is a gold and diamond producer.

Why is Guinea called Guinea?

The word ‘Guinea’ is derived from the Portuguese word ‘Guine,’ which refers to the land owned by Guineus that was a collective term for African people who came from the regions south of the Senegal River.

Are Guinea pigs from Guinea?

The answer to this million-dollar question is no. Despite its common name, guinea pigs are not native to Guinea, nor they are closely related biologically to pigs and the origin of the name is still unclear.

President's Day in Equatorial Guinea Activities

  1. Let the world know

    The best thing you can do to celebrate President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is by raising awareness about the history of the nation and the role of the president in shaping the future of the country. Get more people to join in the celebrations.

  2. Witness

    One of the impactful ways you can partake in President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is by joining in the celebrations and ceremonies that happen on this day. You can even witness several events throughout the country.

  3. Share your story

    If you've been to Guinea, you can use social media to share some of the fascinating things that happened there with the world. Spread the word about this incredible country.

5 Facts About Equatorial Guinea’s President That You Didn’t Know

  1. He is well-educated

    Obiang has a degree in labor administration from the Enrique Nvo Okenve National College.

  2. The country’s god

    In 2003, state-operated radio declared Obiang ‘The Country’s God.’

  3. $600 million

    Forbes Magazine has said that Obiang’s net worth is $600 million.

  4. He put Guinea in the U.S.

    He gathered roughly $700 million of the country’s wealth in the U.S. bank account.

  5. It’s an Islamic nation

    More than four-fifths of the population of Guinea is Muslim.

Why We Love President's Day in Equatorial Guinea

  1. It’s a special day

    President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is a special day that the whole nation of Equatorial Guinea expects year on year. During this celebration, the people of Equatorial Guinea fill their hearts with happiness and peace and wish the same to everyone.

  2. It’s a day to celebrate

    President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is an annual event that emphasizes celebration and prosperity. So, it’s a day to unwind, enjoy, and honor the president and his deeds to make Equatorial Guinea a great place to live.

  3. It’s all about history

    President’s Day in Equatorial Guinea is not just a day that celebrates the birthday of the President. It is a day that honors and appreciates the effort, struggle, and sacrifice in shaping this country.

President's Day in Equatorial Guinea dates

2024June 5Wednesday
2025June 5Thursday
2026June 5Friday
2027June 5Saturday
2028June 5Monday

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