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National Save a Tiger Month – September 2024

National Save A Tiger Month is observed in September, and we’re here to show you how you can commemorate this month in the best way possible. Do you know that about 50 years ago, the tiger population began to quickly decline, and tigers became endangered? The goal of National Save A Tiger Month is to prevent tigers from becoming extinct. Big Cats Rescue, for example, is spearheading conservation efforts. The month encourages people to help save tigers and raise awareness about the need of conserving their natural environment. India, China, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are among the countries participating in this initiative.

History of National Save a Tiger Month

Tigers are said to have originated from the Panthera genus. The closest relative of today’s tiger and leopard, Panthera, is thought to have separated from the species roughly 2.8 million years ago. Trinil Tiger fossils were discovered in Java and are estimated to be 1.2 million years old. Tigers had made their way to India and other parts of Asia, including Russia and Japan, after a few thousand years.

Tiger was not scientifically described until 1758. Tigers were spotted from the Himalayan foothills to Bali. Tigers were given their scientific name, ‘Felis Tigris,’ by biologist Carl Linnaeus about the same period. Panthera tigris was given to the ‘Felis Tigris’ species by British taxonomist Reginald Innis Pocock in 1929, who placed them in the genus ‘Panthera.’ The genomic sequence of tigers was published in 2013.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (I.U.C.N.) listed tigers as endangered species in 2015 and listed them under the I.U.C.N. Red List of Threatened Species. Some of the main reasons for the sharp decline in the tiger population are human-wildlife friction, habitat fragmentation, and poaching. In the 1990s, Tiger Conservation Units (T.C.U.) were established to preserve and protect areas that could support tiger populations

September was chosen as National Save A Tiger Month by the World Wildlife Fund to remind the people that the tiger population is under threat, and it is our responsibility to do our part in ensuring these magnificent creatures do not go extinct. Urban expansion and black market trade of tiger parts are a serious threat and conservation efforts are made to stop this as much as possible.

National Save a Tiger Month timeline

The Tiger is Scientifically Described

Carl Linnaeus gives tigers their scientific name ‘Felis Tigris.’

Tigers are Sub-classified

Reginald Pocock subclassifies tigers under the genus ‘Panthera.’

The Tigers are Endangered

The I.U.C.N. lists tigers under the Red List of Threatened Species.

National Save A Tiger Month

National Save A Tiger Month is created to protect the tiger population and their habitat.

National Save a Tiger Month FAQs

How many tigers are left in the world?

According to the latest statistics of the World Wildlife Fund 2022, there are about 3,900 tigers left in the world.

What is the Blue Tiger?

The Maltese Tiger or the Blue Tiger is an unproven species of tiger that is blue and is reported to be in the Fujian Province of China.

Why can't deers see tigers?

Deers are dichromatic, which means they only see blue and green, and not orange. Hence, they do not see tigers until they get close.

How to Observe National Save a Tiger Month

  1. Visit a nature reserve

    Visit a wildlife sanctuary and witness tigers living in their natural habitat. If you don't have a sanctuary near you that has a tiger population, you can donate to the World Wildlife Fund.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know the importance of this day. Encourage friends and relatives on your social media accounts to donate to the World Wildlife Fund or their nearest tiger conservation initiative.

  3. Learn about how you can save tigers

    This is also a day of learning. Read and learn more about the threats that cause the tiger population to go down. See how you can do your part in putting a stop to poaching and other illegal trading practices like selling tiger parts.

5 Facts About Tigers That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They are excellent swimmers

    Tigers can swim in the water very fast.

  2. Tiger cubs are born blind

    Tiger cubs are born blind and they take a couple of weeks before opening their eyes for the first time.

  3. They're the biggest

    Tigers are the biggest among the cat species in the world.

  4. There's a name for a group

    A group of tigers is known as an ambush of tigers.

  5. Their saliva has interesting properties

    The saliva of a tiger contains antiseptic properties, and hence, they lick their wounds to avert infection.

Why National Save a Tiger Month is Important

  1. It gives us a chance to save tigers

    Tigers are one of the most majestic creatures that walk on this planet. Sadly, their lives are under threat because of various factors. This month is a reminder that humans it is our responsibility to save a fellow species from going extinct.

  2. It gives us a chance to experience wildlife

    Many tiger conservation organizations initiate safaris and tours to give people a view of how tigers live in their natural habitat. It is an experience one should not miss!

  3. It gives us a chance to learn something

    Like any other thing in this world, knowledge is power. If we want to save tigers from going extinct, we need all the information that we can get. This month gives us a chance to learn about various ways we can put a stop to poaching and other activities that threaten tiger lives.

National Save a Tiger Month dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday
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