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Mouthguard Day – September 2, 2024

Mouthguard Day is celebrated annually on the first Monday of September. This year the day will be celebrated on September 2. If you love sports and do it, you probably at least know what mouthguards — also known as gumshields — are, or even wear them yourself. Although the main purpose of mouthguards is to protect those who do active sports from knocking their teeth out of their mouths, there are other reasons why caps are worn. On Mouthguard Day, we celebrate these wonderful inventions and the beautiful smiles they have served and protected for many years.

History of Mouthguard Day

Undoubtedly, protective sports equipment did not always exist. Helmets, shin pads, backpacks, and gum shields have evolved — as has the nature of the sport. However, nowadays, the mouthguard is vital as an element protecting sports equipment, which helps prevent damage to the mouth and jaw. The mouthguard gained popularity in America in 1950 and 1960.

Throughout the years, the design and production of mouthguards have improved significantly. The first mouthguards were developed in 1890 by a London dentist, Woolf Krause. It was named a ‘Gum Shield’ and made of a material called ‘gutta-percha.’ It was specifically designed to be worn by boxers to prevent cracking of the lips — which was a common injury in sports at the time. Philip Krause — his son who was also a dentist and amateur boxer — perfected his father’s design and began making a mouthguard out of Vella rubber. By 1927, gum shields had become common among American boxers. A few years later, in 1947, Rodney O. Lilliquist — a dentist from Los Angeles — used clear acrylic resin to create the first acrylic splint, and the kappa was shaped to fit the upper and lower teeth, making it much less visible and more comfortable to wear.

Mouthguard Day, founded by OPRO in 2018, is celebrated on the first Monday in September to coincide with the start of the school year and the start of the new season. OPRO was founded by dentist Dr. Anthony Lovat, who became a witness to children losing their teeth while playing sports due to outfitting or a complete lack of protection.

Mouthguard Day timeline

20th Century
‘Journey’ To London

The mouthguard gains popularity in London.

The Mouthguard Mandatory

American College Basketball makes mouthguards compulsory.


OPRO the world’s most technically advanced mouthguard company and a leading pioneer in oral protection is founded.

The Queen's Award

All mouthguards made by OPRO are legally certified, and in 2007 the company was awarded the ‘Queen’s Award for Innovation’ in recognition of its pioneering work in the field of oral protection.

Mouthguard Day FAQs

Does wearing a mouthguard damage teeth?

If you use a mouthguard properly, then it should protect your gums, rather than damage them.

How do I get a mouthguard?

You can get a custom-made cap that will fit your teeth by contacting a dentist.

Are boil and bite mouthguards good?

In short, no. While boil and bite mouthguards may help soften the blow a bit they are not designed or made in such as way as to provide enough protection if you take a hit to the mouth. Wearers often find them to be extremely uncomfortable to wear and in some cases won’t wear them at all

Mouthguard Day Activities

  1. Get yourself a new mouthguard

    Have you not replaced the kappa for a long time? Not a problem. It’s a great opportunity to buy a new one for Mouthguard Day!

  2. Go to the dentist

    Do you feel uncomfortable using the mouthguard and do not know if it should be? Call your dentist to learn about how to use a kappa.

  3. Visit the dental museum

    It’s a good idea to visit the dental museum on Mouthguard Day. You will be able to see in your own eyes what the consequences can be if you do not take care of your teeth.

5 Facts About Teeth That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Tooth enamel is harder than bone

    Almost 96 % of the enamel is minerals and yes, it’s harder than bone but don’t test it on bottle caps — it can be damaged by metal or glass.

  2. The cap should stand apart from the toothbrush

    Otherwise, it can lead to the accumulation of bacteria and their suppuration in a moist environment.

  3. The first toothpaste

    Was introduced in 1908 — 30 years earlier than the toothbrush.

  4. The Romans used mouthguards

    The Romans used impressive dental technology for their time.

  5. Smile is the first physical trait noticed

    In fact, an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry study found that 57% of people say that a smile from a stranger makes them want to smile and can improve their day.

Why We Love Mouthguard Day

  1. It has a noble purpose

    It reminds us that we need to take care of the health of our teeth. Wear your mouthguards if it is needed.

  2. It has a long history

    The first mouthguard was invented in 1890. Mouthguard Day celebrates the popularity that these kappas have gained through the decades.

  3. A day to get your mouthguard

    If you were afraid or unsure that you needed a mouthguard, this is a great day to dispel all doubts and fears. And your dentist will help you in this not simple matter.

Mouthguard Day dates

2022September 5Monday
2023September 4Monday
2024September 2Monday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 7Monday

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