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Slovakia Constitution Day – September 1, 2024

Slovakia Constitution Day is celebrated on September 1 to mark the anniversary of Slovakia’s adoption of its constitution. Known as Deň Ústavy Slovenskej Republiky amongst the people of Slovakia, the day is a public holiday in the country. Soon after it was ratified in 1992, the constitution was implemented. This was January 1st, 1993, which signified the official split of Czechoslovakia into the independent nations of the Czech and Slovak republics. The day is celebrated with great vigor across the country. Traditional dancing and singing are witnessed in the streets, and Bratislava Castle is ignited with the colors of the Republic.

History of Slovakia Constitution Day

Slovakia’s rich and multicultural history continues to live in the mountains and castles of the country, starting from 6 century B.C — when the first Slavic people settled in the high risings of Central Europe. The land has since been controlled by the Moravian Empire, the Hungarians, and the Germans. In 1918, the horrors of the First World War brought the Slovaks and Czech lands of Bohemia together, which led to the creation of the joint state of Czechoslovakia. The coming decades saw immense peace and tranquility, up until March 1939, when Germany occupied the land again.

In the spring of 1945, the Czechoslovakian state was liberated by the Soviet forces. Consequently, began the 42-year Communist rule which lasted up until 1989. The years leading up to the revolution saw a considerable amount of protest in the areas surrounding the government. The diminishing confidence in the Communist regime was the direct result of years of political upheaval, crystallized into a single moment of political discontent wherein the Slovak National Council asserted its independence onto the world for the first time.

The Slovak Constitution is the direct consequence of the events of the Velvet Revolution, a peaceful and non-violent transition of power that paved the way for the establishment of Slovakia. The Slovak constitution was prepared by a group of legal experts led by Professor Juraj Plank. The day continues to be of tremendous importance to the proud nation of Slovakia.

Slovakia Constitution Day timeline

The Birth of a Nation

In the aftermath of World War I, the Slovaks join the Czech lands of Bohemia to form the joint state of Czechoslovakia.

The First Draft

Four decades of Communist rule come to an end, and the first steps towards writing the constitution are taken.

The Constitution is Adopted

Slovak National Council passes the constitution on September 1 and the day is immortalized as Slovakia Constitution Day.

The Final Split

Czechoslovakia splits into the two independent nations of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Slovakia Constitution Day FAQs

Since when has the Slovakian nation been a part of history?

Slovakia has been on the map of world history since the time of the Roman Empire. Prehistoric archeological findings prove that the area has an active history for thousands of years.

When is the best time to visit Slovakia?

Spring is the best time to visit Slovakia. The months of March to May register the highest tourist activity in the country.

When was Slovakia liberated in World War II?

After a year-long rebellion by the Slovak National Uprising against the German army, Slovakia was liberated in May 1945 by the Soviet forces.

How to Observe Slovakia Constitution Day

  1. Prepare a Slovak feast

    The Slovaks have a splendid eating culture and love to feast on potato pancakes, fried dumplings, and sauerkraut soup. On this special day, cook up a Slovak feast and share the joy with a cup of the marmalade and raise a toast for your Slovak friends.

  2. Read the constitution

    Upon its passage and signage, the constitution was hastily prepared and largely plagiarized from the 1920 constitutions of Czechoslovakia. Today, it has been through several amendments and reflects the true will of the Slovak people. On September 1, take a swipe through the pages and read your favorite bits out loud.

  3. Take a pledge of sovereignty

    In a larger sense, Slovaks fought for an entire millennium for their independence. Ever since the Moravian Empire lay a siege on their land in the 9th century, the natives have been fighting for their homes. Constitution day reminds us to light a lamp in their memory and urges us to never take our independence for granted.

5 Fun Facts About Slovakia

  1. It’s a car country

    Slovakia is responsible for 43% of the total automobile output of the world.

  2. Sea sick

    The majority of Slovak landscape is based 800 meters above sea level.

  3. Bottoms up

    An average Slovak adult consumes approx. 13 liters of alcohol in a year, making it one of the top 10 booziest nations on the planet.

  4. No beaches please

    Slovakia is one of the 45 landlocked countries in the world with no proximity to the sea.

  5. A UNESCO heritage site

    Slovakia is home to six World Heritage Sites, including the iconic Dobšiná Ice Cave.

Why Slovakia Constitution Day is Important

  1. It marks the beginning of Slovak’s independent identity

    For centuries, the natives of the Slovak nations have struggled to exert their identities in the eyes of the world. The liberation and split of 1993 paved the way for their expression and turned a new page in the history of the country.

  2. It’s rather young

    Slovakia is one of the youngest countries in the world. The application of a brand-new constitution has been tricky for the country, and it remains an experiment for the judiciary and the public. An annual salutation to the subject renews the commitment toward the constitution in the eyes of the Slovaks.

  3. It is a great day to celebrate sovereignty

    The people of Slovakia have endured many struggles in their path to freedom. Starting from the Hungarian conquest, all the way up to the Communist rule — the nation has been enamored with political instability for centuries. On the anniversary of its constitution, we celebrate the unflinching spirit of the Slovaks and honor them in their paths.

Slovakia Constitution Day dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday
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