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SunSep 1

Pink Cadillac Day – September 1, 2024

We celebrate Pink Cadillac Day on September 1 to honor the iconic pink car that became a cultural landmark of the 1950s. Many thanks to its early supporters such as Elvis Presley and later Bruce Springsteen, the car went from a shoddy black and white convertible to the global symbol of luxury and pizzaz. It was on this day in 1957 that Presley performed in front of 6000 people at the Lincoln Bowl in Tacoma, Washington. He immortalized himself as the King of Rock and Roll. On September 1, we paint the town pink and celebrate our weirdest impulses.

History of Pink Cadillac Day

Pink Cadillac Day is a joyous annual celebration of pink Cadillac cars, referred to affectionately as ‘caddy’ by their proud owners. The car came into prominence in the late naughts of the 1950s when the American gaze was beholden by leotards, shiny belts, sideburns, and the luring dances of emerging cultural icons such as Johnny Ace, Marilyn Monroe, and our beloved Elvis Presley.

Pink Cadillac Day is the ultimate ode to the enduring influence of the 1950s American automobile culture. The post-war boom, reflected in almost all aspects of life, showed a major transgression in the cars we drive. It was not until the 1950s that owning a car became a possibility for millions of middle-class Americans. By amping up the utility of vehicles, both as a necessity of life and a status symbol, pop culture played an instrumental (pun intended!) role in realizing the American dream of owning an automobile.

Although the original Cadillac Fleetwood did not debut until 1976, Presley led the revolution of this longstanding cultural icon by having his neighbor paint his black four-door sedan pink in 1955. Creating a generational sensation from scratch was just something Presley did in his lunchtime. Today, caddy counts as a vintage attraction, with buyers across the world lining up for select sales and auctions. As we continue to research the exact year of origin of this holiday, let us take September 1 to suspend our preconceived notions about living in a black and white world and splash it with our favorite colors.

Pink Cadillac Day timeline

Daydreams And Desires

American singer Elvis Presley starts a job at Crown Electric and drives a car to the delivery site, developing a lifelong admiration for automobiles.

The First Pink Cadillac

Presley buys his first Fleetwood Series 60 Cadillac in the color pink after signing a record deal.

The Launch and Flaunt

General Motors launches Series 62 Fleetwood Cadillac as its popularity soars in the market.

Bruce Springsteen’s Final Declaration

Springsteen releases ‘Pink Cadillac,’ a hit single that revives the cultural relevance of the car a decade after Presley’s death.

Pink Cadillac Day FAQs

Where can I buy a pink Cadillac?

Although the model was discontinued in 1993, you can still buy or rent vintage Cadillacs across the country at select stores or from existing owners.

How do you pronounce ‘Cadillac’?

Cadillac is pronounced as ka-duhl-ak.

Is the Elvis Presley pink Cadillac real?

Presley owned a 1955 Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine in blue color, which was painted pink upon his request.

Pink Cadillac Day Activities

  1. Wear ‘Elvis pink’

    Presley's iconic adoration of the color pink is immortalized in the history of American culture. The beautiful and soft statement tint looks good on everyone. On Pink Cadillac Day, wear the color and raise a toast to the King of Rock and Roll.

  2. Read about the 1950s automobile boom

    America’s automobile boom is a classic tale of human caliber and focused production. It was Henry Ford’s dream to make vehicles affordable for every middle-class American, and in the 1950s, it was actualized.

  3. Dare to be original

    We would not be celebrating this day if Presley had not dared to strip his 1955 sedan of its original color in the favor of the iconic pink. Take inspiration from him, because ‘tis the season to be original and set our style statement.

5 Weird But Lovable Facts About Elvis Presley

  1. A fan of cars

    Presley owned more than 200 cars in his lifetime.

  2. ‘Elvis the Pelvis’

    Presley’s unique hip thrusts and dancing style earned him the title of ‘Elvis the Pelvis.’

  3. A foodie until the end

    Presley had some extreme dietary indulgences, including deep-fried pickles, gold loaf sandwiches, and bacon bits.

  4. A maverick of the movies

    Although it is overshadowed by his music, Presley starred in over 30 movies during his lifetime.

  5. He stuck to his roots

    Presley enjoys global recognition, but he never played a single show outside of North America.

Why We Love Pink Cadillac Day

  1. It is an ode to the Golden Era of Hollywood

    1950s Hollywood personified class and continues to represent the best of cinema. The mere mention of the classic pink Cadillac takes us on a nostalgic trip to the times of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Elizabeth Taylor. On September 1, we bask in the glory of an era long gone but never forgotten.

  2. It never goes out of style

    No matter how many S.U.V.s and Sedans we see on the road, the style and charm of a pink Cadillac will remain unchallenged. Pink Cadillac Day honors the original dream car of millions of people all around the world.

  3. It is a cultural icon

    Pink Cadillac owners from all around the world get a chance to ride in their caddies and celebrate the day with their loved ones. The impactful legacy of this cultural icon endures to this day, making its owners stand out from the crowd.

Pink Cadillac Day dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday
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