​Baby Safety Month 2018 – September

Babies require a lot of things — toys, strollers, cribs, diapers, wipes, carriers, food, lotion, you name it. Each year in September, the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) hosts Baby Safety month to remind consumers of the importance of both baby safety and purchasing safe products. JPMA offers toolkits to manufacturers, retailers, doctors, and others to educate them about child safety.

Baby Safety Month - History

Safety laws​

By 1985 all states in the U.S. had a law on the books requiring children in cars to be strapped into a car seat.​

​Safer cribs

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission began setting the standards for infant beds, or cribs.

Safer toys

President Nixon signed the Toy Safety Act, which authorized the government to test and ban hazardous toys. ​

​​Safer car rides

British inventor Jean Ames created the first child safety seat. ​

How to Observe Baby Safety Month

1. Educate yourself
The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and other baby safety organizations make information available. Especially if you come into regular contact with small children, take this month to learn a few things.

2. Offer to babysit
New parents are tired people. Give them a break by offering to babysit for a night and then use all of your baby safety knowledge to keep that baby safe.

3. Buy a safe product for all the babies you know
Hit the shops, buy a safe product for all the babies in your life, and tell the parents you were inspired by Baby Safety Month. Then let them know there's plenty of information online about how they can keep their babies safe.

​5 Cute Tips For The Safest Baby Ever

1. Medicine isn't candy

Don't sell your child on the idea that medicine is "candy." If they manage to find that medicine bottle laying about they might just take a few swigs on their own.​

2. ​Keep the kitchen safe

When cooking, make sure pot handles are turned away so if your child does manage to get too close to the stove, they can't grab one.​

3. ​Broken toys are hazardous

Worn out toys can be a danger to children as small parts might break off. Make sure your child's toys are in good condition and toss them when they wear out.​

4. ​Baby gates

Install baby gates at the top AND bottom of staircases to keep stairs fully off limits.​

5. ​Soft snack foods

Make sure snack foods for your small child are soft enough for them to swallow. Harder foods present a choke hazard.​

Why Baby Safety Month is Important

A. Who doesn't love babies?
Babies are cute! But they are not self-reliant. At least not yet. So those who look after babies need to make sure they are purchasing safe products and not putting them at risk. Safe babies are the cutest babies!

B. Parents can't know everything
The toy industry alone sold $20 billion worth of products in 2016. That's a lot of toys! Parents need to know how to pick safe ones for their kids and what dangers and risks to look out for. The same goes for other types of products a child might need.

C. It takes a village
It's not just parents who need to be concerned with baby safety. All those aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and friends need to get it too — especially around holidays and birthdays when they're loading their favorite baby up with presents.

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