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Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day – September 1, 2021

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on September 1. For all the troubles that they undoubtedly face every day, the folks in charge of maintaining building and code standards don’t get as much gratitude. Think about it; checking a building and approving it as secure according to code is not easy. Anything overlooked can endanger people living in an unsafe building. This is why it is important that we show our appreciation for them.

History of Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

The origins of Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day are unknown, but we know that the day was created to respect this part of the industry which often goes unnoticed. If you know anyone who works in Building and Code, they’ll tell you how little love they get throughout the year.

The first-known building code was written and implemented in Babylon by King Hammurabi in 1758 B.C. The code was literally engraved in stone, outlining the groundwork for designing and construction, as well as the harsh penalties holding laborers accountable for their quality of work.

In 1625, the first building codes were established in the United States, by addressing specific materials to be used for roof tiling, and fire safety. By 1940, there were three regional code organizations in the U.S., each with its unique code. These codes and respective organizations were consolidated into the International Code Council (ICC) and the first set of “I-codes” was published in 2000.

Building and Code Staff ensure that no matter what the circumstances are, buildings will remain steady and unaffected. Their work requires attention to detail and training, knowing that human lives depend on them. Many people are not familiar with the building and code staff in charge of their area, but that’s okay because today is a great day to reach out and celebrate with them!

Celebrate the day with your colleagues with a department lunch, so that way you know, you will be surrounded by people with similar tastes and field or possibly wear a smiley badge on all inspections you conduct today September 1st. If you don’t work in this field that is Building and Code field, then today is a good opportunity to show a little recognition and appreciation to those often overlooked people who ensure your building safety. Hence it is a chance to show our love to guys and girls who keep our buildings safe and secured.

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day timeline

1758 B.C.
The First Building Code

The first known written building code was enacted by King Hammurabi in Babylon.

Safety First

Following the great fires in London, building codes are designed to address the risks of one building on another.

National Building Code

U.S. insurance group National Board of Fire Underwriters creates the National Building Code.

Three Regional Code Organizations

The United States establishes three regional code organizations, each with its own code.

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day FAQs

What is meant by building code?

A building code is a set of rules that construction activities abide by across the country. Building codes are the groundwork for how a building should be designed, keeping the safety of adjacent buildings and the community in mind. 

Why are building codes important?

Building codes ensure that property and the people inside are protected in case of an emergency or natural disaster. 

What are the 3 types of construction?

The three types of construction include buildings, infrastructure, and industrial. 

How to Observe Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

  1. Express your gratitude

    Get to know your building and code staff and express your gratitude to them. Send them a note of thanks, or a token of appreciation to show that their work is valued.

  2. Learn about building codes

    Learn about building safety and what can violate building codes. Not only is it good to know, but you’ll also appreciate your building inspector’s dedication to their work.

  3. Have a department lunch

    If you are a part of the building and code staff, celebrate with lunch with your team. Share inspection stories and the outrageous building violations that you may have seen.

5 Facts About Risks To Construction Workers

  1. A whopping figure

    Nearly 6.5 million people work at an estimated 252,000 construction sites in the United States on any given day.

  2. Fatal job description

    The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries.

  3. Ouch!

    According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, one out of ten construction workers sustains an injury every year.

  4. Workplace hazards

    Nearly a fifth of all workplace deaths take place in the construction industry.

  5. Electrocutions happen

    Electrocutions make up 9% of deaths on construction sites.

Why We Love Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day

  1. Giving love to an overlooked profession

    Building and Code Staff workers get their due love on this holiday, and we are all for it!

  2. The day reiterates building safety

    Part of Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day is to value building safety and be up to date with building codes and any safety violations.

  3. A better understanding

    Some of us may have been grumpy at our building inspector for nitpicking the building, but by better understanding their work, we actually respect their line of work and won’t mind the next time they take their time doing their job!

Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day dates

2021September 1Wednesday
2022September 1Thursday
2023September 1Friday
2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday

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