Footy Colors Day – September 2021

Footy Colors Day is a community fundraising campaign observed for the entire month of September. Established by the Fight Cancer Foundation, the event raises funds to support children in their fight against cancer. From hospital bills to recovery, the challenges of living with a cancer diagnosis cannot be overstated. Footy Colors Day is a reminder that we must come together in our fight against this fatal disease. Ever since its inception in 1995, the fun and sporty events held under Footy Colors Day have raised millions of dollars and supported hundreds of cancer patients and survivors. Schools and workplaces all across the country can pick a day in September to come together, play sports, wear footy colors and show their support for the cause.

History of Footy Colors Day

Each year, more than 900 children in Australia are diagnosed with cancer — news that can uproot your entire life. The burden is harsher on children, as the loss they suffer is incomprehensible to them. The Fight Cancer Foundation was established to give kids living with cancer a shot at education.

In a month-long fundraising campaign, forces are rallied to raise awareness and funds by the Fight Cancer Foundation. The effort is joined by cancer survivors and the community that surrounds them. From education to extracurriculars, children miss out on a lot as they fight cancer. A boost from the Fight Cancer Foundation can help them get back on their feet.

The replacement of books and crayons with syringes and X-rays can be intensely traumatic for children. The fight against cancer takes a lot out of a person, especially tiny humans — Footy Colors Day honors that struggle.

Fight Cancer Foundation is Australia’s foremost charitable organization that provides care, support, and treatment for cancer patients and their families. In 1995, the organization declared the month of September as Footy Colors Day.

The foundation offers monetary support to families struck by this horrendous tragedy. Fight Cancer Foundation runs specially designed education support programs in all major pediatric hospitals of Australia. It also provides accommodation and comfort to patients and their families in New South Wales, Tasmania, and Victoria. Lastly, it funds the critical research and cell treatment trials in partnership with the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Melbourne Health.

Footy Colors Day timeline

Fight Cancer Foundation is Established

Fight Cancer Foundation is founded to provide people living with cancer and their families with practical resources and fighting tools.

Footy Colors Day is launched

Footy Colors Day, a month-long fundraising initiative, is launched by the Fight Cancer Foundation.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Education Institute is Established

Fight Cancer Foundation launches its first education support program to help children continue with their education as they fight cancer.

Back on Track Education Support Program is Launched

Fight Cancer Foundation patrons Deborra-lee Furness and Hugh Jackman launch the Back on Track education program in partnership with the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Footy Colors Day FAQs

Do we have to celebrate Footy Colors Day only in September?

No! You can celebrate it on any day of the year. 

How can I get into the Footy Colors Hall of Fame?

The Hall of Fame recognizes the wonderful participants who continually impress the organizers with their creativity and support. You can apply at the website to be in the running.

Do we have to register with the Fight Cancer Foundation website?

To donate the money raised through your event, you must register via the Footy Colors Day website for legal purposes. 

How To Observe Footy Colors Day

  1. Host a Footy Colors Day event

    Word of the mouth is the best marketing for a fundraiser. Organize a Footy Colors Day event at your workplace/school and register it at their official website.

  2. Wear your footy themed colors

    The essence of the day is to have fun with your mates and doting a color scheme that reflects your personality. Throw on that ‘too yellow for office’ jumper and let everyone know that you support the children in their fight against cancer.

  3. Share your colors on your social

    Snap a selfie and share your support for the cause with your social media friends with the hashtag #FootyColorsDay

5 Key Facts About Childhood Cancer

  1. Cancer leads the pediatric death charts

    Cancer is the leading cause of death among children in developed countries.

  2. Cancer is survivable, but not inescapable

    95% of childhood cancer survivors carry health-related issues borne out of the treatments they opt for.

  3. Ages 2 to 4, cancer knocks on the door

    Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, the most common pediatric cancer, occurs between the ages of 2 to 4.

  4. The horrors have dropped to 30%

    With the help of modern therapy and cell treatments, more than 70% of childhood cancer can now be cured.

  5. Look for a sign in the long sighs

    One of the first signs of childhood cancer is continued exhaustion and lethargy. Detect it early and save a life.

Why Footy Colors Day is Important

  1. The impact of cancer is catastrophic

    Childhood cancer wrecks havoc on a child’s life. From hospital errands to separation from friends, kids need a lot of help and support.

  2. Fight Cancer Foundation offers practical solutions

    From housing to education, the funds raised through Footy Colors Day offer immediate monetary support to affected families.

  3. Cancer is everyone’s fight

    43 kids are diagnosed with cancer on a single day in the U.S. Don’t wait until your loved one is impacted, join the fight today.

Footy Colors Day dates

2021September 1Wednesday
2022September 1Thursday
2023September 1Friday
2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday

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