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SunApr 28

National BraveHearts Day – April 28, 2024

We believe everyone fighting pediatric cancer is a brave warrior, and National BraveHearts Day on April 28 perfectly captures this sentiment. This day was founded to honor the strength and bravery of people affected by pediatric cancer, including the kids, their parents, families, loved ones, and everyone else who cares.

History of National BraveHearts Day

Fighting cancer is extremely hard at the best of times; imagine if you were doing it alone! Now imagine how much worse this situation is for a child who is affected. Families dealing with pediatric cancer need all the support and love they can get.

Amy and Jeremy Jacobs knew how lonely this fight could be; after all, they had been through this exact situation when their toddler was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor. To help and support others like them who were faced with a pediatric cancer diagnosis, they launched the BraveHearts For Kids organization. They offer help, support, guidance, and resources completely free of cost and use all the money from individual contributions across various support programs.

This organization founded National BraveHearts Day to help people recognize the kids, parents, loved ones, and others who care for these heroes. Now, each year, April 28 is observed as National BraveHearts Day.

National BraveHearts Day timeline

The News that Launched an Idea

Amy and Jeremy Jacobs' daughter Ava is diagnosed with a brain tumor at 13 months of age.

First Comes The Foundation

The Jacobs’ set up the BraveHearts For Kids organization to support people fighting pediatric cancer.

A Special Day is Born

BraveHearts For Kids initiates National BraveHearts Day, which is observed on April 28 each year.

Finally, We Have The App

The organization launches the Spotlight Hope app, which connects people to free resources to help navigate each stage of their pediatric cancer journey.

National BraveHearts Day FAQs

Is National BraveHearts Day a real day?

National BraveHearts Day is indeed a real day and celebrates brave pediatric cancer fighters. Show your commitment to this cause by sharing this on social media and telling everyone you know to do the same.

Are National BraveHearts Day and National Superhero Day the same?

While the children fighting cancer are, in fact, superheroes, these two days are not the same, even though they are celebrated on the same day each year.

Is the Spotlight App free of cost?

The Spotlight app provides information and resources for those families dealing with pediatric cancer, absolutely free of charge. Voluntary donations to the organization behind the app are welcome.

How To Observe National BraveHearts Day

  1. Talk about its significance

    It is a day dedicated to children fighting cancer and everyone affected by it. The more you share awareness about this day, the more lives you can touch.

  2. Spread the word about the Spotlight app

    If you’ve come across anyone who could benefit from the resources the Spotlight app provides, let them know. No one should have to battle this illness alone.

  3. Extend your support

    Know someone fighting childhood cancer? Be generous with your time; let them know your support and care are always with them.

Facts About National BraveHearts Day

  1. Some types of pediatric cancer occur more frequently

    The most common kind of cancer is leukemia, which is cancer of the bone and marrow.

  2. Pediatric cancer research influences adult cancer treatment

    Multiple treatments used in adult cancers, like combination chemotherapy, can be traced to research conducted for childhood cancer.

  3. Children are diagnosed all the time

    Every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer, worldwide.

  4. It causes many deaths

    Childhood cancer is the cause of 90,000 annual deaths in the world.

  5. Most diagnoses are curable

    If diagnosed and treated early, about 70% of childhood cancers are curable.

Why National BraveHearts Day is Important

  1. You can show your support

    Celebrating the courage of those facing pediatric cancer can make this journey more bearable for them, lifting their spirits and spreading joy. Knowledge of this day and the bravehearts it represents goes a long way towards helping affected families and loved ones cope. Plus, you can be proud that you are part of the solution and are helping to make someone’s life better in any way you can.

  2. Spreading awareness about a noble cause

    You are not only supporting those in times of need but helping more people learn about childhood cancer. So go forth and share your knowledge!

  3. Build a stronger cancer-support community

    You can support the pediatric cancer community, giving them the benefit of your knowledge, your actions, and even your time. Having this community of people to fall back on gives cancer patients hope for the future and helps them feel like they are part of a bigger whole.

National BraveHearts Day dates

2024April 28Sunday
2025April 28Monday
2026April 28Tuesday
2027April 28Wednesday
2028April 28Friday

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