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TueApr 22

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day – April 22, 2025

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is observed annually on the fourth Tuesday in April. This year it falls on April 22. School Bus Drivers’ Day originated in California. After it had been celebrated there informally for a while, the California legislature declared the day official. In 2009, they created the day to draw special public attention to school bus drivers in California for their enduring and exceptional contributions to students. The holiday seems to have spread after being established in the state to be commemorated casually.

History of School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

At the beginning of the 20th century, children were transported to and from school in horse-drawn carriages. A.L. Luce, a Ford dealership owner, built a bus body for a 1927 Ford Model T school bus. Additionally, he is a response to the modern school buses. In 1927, open-sided steel-paneled buses were produced for the first time. The 1930s saw a rise in the use of front entry doors. The rear door, however, was still there and was used in case of an emergency. Children from low-income households in rural areas all around the world have benefited greatly from the benefits provided by school buses.

During a meeting in 1939, 44 requirements for school buses were approved. One was that buses were always painted yellow as a norm. The hue was chosen because black letters could be read on it and it was believed to be the easiest to see at sunrise and dusk. School buses have frequently undergone modifications and upgrades, but we still acknowledge the need for bus drivers, which is one thing that hasn’t changed.

The California State Assembly established School Bus Drivers’ Day in 2009. It’s a well-deserved tribute to all of the men and women who devote their lives to ensuring that children go to school every day while remaining patient, helpful, and upbeat throughout.

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day timeline

The First School Bus Model

A.L. Luce, a Ford dealership owner, builds a bus body for a 1927 Ford Model T school bus.

The Color of School Buses

During a convention, 44 requirements for school buses are adopted, one of which is that buses must always be yellow.

School Bus Drivers’ Day

The California State Assembly establishes School Bus Drivers’ Day.

Anniversary of School Bus Drivers Day

The day celebrates its 10th anniversary.

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day FAQs

How stressful is it to be a bus driver?

Bus drivers encounter considerable occupational stressors including traffic congestion, conflicts with passengers, rotating shift schedules, poor cabin ergonomics, and tight time schedules.

What are the core skills of a bus driver?

They need excellent driving skills and knowledge of traffic regulations. Understanding health and safety issues would also be important.

Are buses automatic?

Except for minibusses, all buses back to the late ‘80s have been automatic. It’s much easier for the driver when in stop-start town traffic, plus has more resilience than a clutch. Previously most were semi-automatic. No clutch, but still a manual shifter, a bit like you find in some modern cars.

How to Observe School Bus Driver Appreciation Day

  1. Praise and thank bus drivers

    The praises of school bus drivers, like many other government employees, are rarely sung. Make a difference on School Bus Drivers Day. If you're a parent, take a minute to personally thank the bus drivers as they pick up your kids.

  2. Give bus drivers handmade treats

    Prepare a batch of handmade cookies and a few words of gratitude for the school bus driver. It would go a long way to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness.

  3. Play spot the school bus

    Have a little fun by keeping track of how many school buses and bus drivers you see on the road today. You can play this guessing game with your siblings or friends.

5 Cool Facts About Buses

  1. Safest vehicles

    They're the road's safest vehicles.

  2. No seatbelts

    School buses were designed without seatbelts.

  3. Heavy metal on wheels

    The weight of a school bus can reach 20,000 pounds.

  4. School bus traffic laws

    School bus traffic laws exist in all 50 states of the United States.

  5. Over 27 million children are transported daily

    Every day, 484,041 school buses transport more than 27 million school children in the United States.

Why School Bus Driver Appreciation Day is Important

  1. It's a way to appreciate school bus drivers

    The commemoration of this day is a heartfelt way of expressing gratitude for the work that school bus drivers accomplish. One is getting kids to and from school safely and on time.

  2. It keeps school bus drivers motivated

    School bus drivers are likely to feel motivated by all the appreciation they receive on this day. They will be even more motivated to do a good job if they know they are liked and valued.

  3. It’s a day to appreciate yourself

    If you happen to be a school bus driver, there is no better day to honor your profession than today. Know how precious you are and how important your work is.

School Bus Driver Appreciation Day dates

2022April 26Tuesday
2023April 25Tuesday
2024April 23Tuesday
2025April 22Tuesday
2026April 28Tuesday

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