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National Cubicle Day – April 28, 2025

National Cubicle Day is a holiday marked on April 28 every year to appreciate and admire the introduction of a 20th-century innovation, which has changed the looks of many workplaces today. Physical distractions would have still been impediments to workplace productivity if one Mr. Robert Propst hadn’t rummaged through his mind and came up with a savior — the cubicle! This is an enclosed workspace partitioned to offer office workers individual and private spaces, in such ways that they have the tranquillity to work even more effectively.

History of National Cubicle Day

Although the principal reason for marking National Cubicle Day is to honor the design of the cubicle by Robert Propst back in 1967 — the earliest known observance of the day is adjudged to be 2015. However, in 2015, this holiday was not as popular or as enjoyable as it has been in subsequent years. This is because more individuals are now participating, and new exciting acts are formed each year to commemorate the day. The partitioned workplaces’ excellent and enlightening Feng Shui arrangement, for example, lends some thrill to the day’s observance. Hundreds of employees are now competing to create the best Feng Shui cubicle layout, particularly on April 28.

Following that, Herman Miller designed the cubicle in 1967 — based on a design by Robert Propst — to create an office setting that allows for constant adjustment to fit workers’ changing demands. It was first released under the name “Action Office II” (AO-2). It was also created to address the issues that the ‘Action Workplace I’ office environment posed. Because of its adaptability, AO-2 was simply called “Action Office” in 1978 — indicating that it was being utilized as the new standard. By 2005, sales for this widely accepted office setting totaled a whopping five billion dollars! Is it any wonder that a day has been set aside to honor this marvel?

As pointed out earlier, the marking of National Cubicle Day has undergone a significant metamorphosis since its inception. Every April 28, employees take their time to beautify their cubicles as best they can, with some saying their designs are better than the others. Whatever the activity and fun workers engage in on the day, there are no doubts other exciting activities will spring up in the coming years.

National Cubicle Day timeline

15th Century
Earliest Use of Cubicles

The cubicle is used in England as bed chambers.

Design and Making of the Cubicle

Robert Propst designs, while Herman Miller makes it.


The initial manufacturer name given to the cubicle (AO-2) is renamed simply Action Office.

A Big Hit and Success

General sales for the “Action Office” cubicle equals five billion dollars.

First Observance

The marking of National Cubicle Day begins.

National Cubicle Day FAQs

What is the function of a cubicle?

The cubicle was made for several functions such as ease of changing office settings according to the needs of employees, creating privacy for each employee, reducing the noise and distraction evident in an open space work setting, and giving employees a sense of ownership and individuality in the workplaces.

Did Herman Miller invent the cubicle?

No. Herman Miller constructed the cubicle but its design and invention were done by Robert Propst.

How big is a cubicle?

Well, cubicles can vary in size. Generally, they are made with respect to what and who they are intended for. A manager’s cubicle, for example, will be bigger than that of his employees. A normal employee cubicle can be six by six or a little bigger, while a manager’s cubicle can have a size as big as 12 by 12.

National Cubicle Day Activities

  1. Decorate your space

    Look into your decorative power, fish that style out, and try it out in your space. Let your creative juices flow on this day!

  2. Make more cubicles

    Have you been thinking about getting more work privacy? Well, today's the day to execute your thoughts. Add more cubicles. But be careful not to inconvenience others.

  3. Enter a cubicle decorating challenge

    Offer up a challenge. Compete with your colleagues and see whose cubicle is more beautifully decorated.

5 Interesting Facts About Office Workspaces

  1. More control, better joy

    Employees with more control over their office layout and design are happier and healthier at work.

  2. Mobility and comfortability improve productivity

    Comfortable workers who can move around are more productive than those who cannot.

  3. Poor office design affects employees

    A poorly designed office space decreases employees' efficiency.

  4. Serene workspaces uplift workers' spirits

    Workers in a serene office space tend to go about their work more joyously and heartily.

  5. Noisy office spaces cause fatigue

    Workers in an excessively noisy workspace suffer unnecessary fatigue and distractions more than those in a much quieter office.

Why We Love National Cubicle Day

  1. Privacy is important

    Nobody likes to be spied on while working. National Cubicle Day allows us to appreciate the comforting privacy cubicles offer us.

  2. It reveals our tidiness

    In an open-space office, everyone might appear tidy or untidy. Our office cubicles make us mark ourselves out as tidy individuals.

  3. It allows us to be creative

    It might not sound like a big deal to you, but decorating your cubicle on National Cubicle Day might just prove to colleagues how creative you can be in decorating spaces. We love this!

National Cubicle Day dates

2025April 28Monday
2026April 28Tuesday
2027April 28Wednesday
2028April 28Friday
2029April 28Saturday

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