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MonApr 28

Kiss Your Mate Day – April 28, 2025

Kiss Your Mate Day is celebrated on April 28 annually. It is a day that is strictly classified with lip contact. Have you been so romantically lost while kissing, that you accidentally bit your partner’s lips? Feel no remorse as that tells how romantically connected you are to them. Kissing is known around the world, for it is found among people of all colors, ages, and religions. And different kissing styles abound for lovers’ experimentation. If you love kissing your partner, you will love this day. How about a day full of kisses?

History of Kiss Your Mate Day

Kiss Your Mate Day is celebrated on April 28 each year. While it is quite difficult to confirm the inventor and where this holiday draws its inspiration from, its purpose is very clear — to be all kissy with one’s partner. The earliest indication of celebration of this holiday dates back to a few years back — approximately less than five years ago. Its recent beginning notwithstanding, people are happy the day is around as it provides an opportunity for lovers, couples, and even friends to smooch one another, and for those far away from their partners, to send special romantic kiss quotes and messages.

Kissing is one of the most romantic and non-verbal ways of demonstrating love to one’s partner. Although it is said to be a recent development in Western cultures, it has been around for a few thousand years back in Asia. The origin of kissing is traced back to the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism and Buddhism. The “Kama Sutra” — a manual book on sexuality and erotism — mentioned it. The kissing tradition did not get to Europe until the time of Alexander the Great — when he conquered parts of Punjab in northern India.

It will interest you to know that kissing — just like eating and drinking —need not be taught. The ability to kiss is inherent in every human and one only needs to be in a situation that warrants doing it. However, as all things are inherent, one may learn to kiss better. This probably might have led to the innovation of different kissing styles, popular among lovers being the ‘French kiss.’ Many people now engage in the kissing habit. Virtually everyone that has once been in an amorous relationship with someone has kissed before. In the United States, kissing is so common among teenagers that one research recorded that over 80% of teenagers have experienced it.

Kiss Your Mate Day timeline

1500 B.C.
Earliest Reference to Kissing

Kissing is mentioned in the "Vedas" — a scripture that informed Hinduism and Buddhism.

370 B.C.
Persian Custom of Kissing

Xenophon writes about the Persian custom of kissing on the lips upon departure.

326 B.C.
Spread of Kissing

Kissing spreads from India to Europe on Alexander the Great's conquest of parts of northern India.

1439 A.D.
Ban on Kissing in England

King Henry VI bans kissing to check the spread of the plague.

First Kiss on Film

A kiss scene between May Irwin and John Rice is recorded.

Kiss Your Mate Day FAQs

Which type of kiss is best?

It depends on the situation. If you are all cozy with your partner indoors and the hormone levels begin to shoot up, perhaps your best kissing style then should be a French kiss. However, if you are going off to work, then a less intense kiss would be better. Unless you don’t have any problem arriving late to work!

How powerful is a kiss?

Very powerful. Almost as powerful as love itself. Kisses can seal relationships. They can ignite the secretion of various categories of hormones in the body. A kiss can send cute messages to partners that words fail to do. What’s more, they can even mediate between quarreling partners.

Why do people kiss with their eyes closed?

In one sentence, ‘to avoid distractions.’ Focus matters in kissing. Imagine being in a deep sensational kiss and then opening your eyes to see your partner staring at you. Weird right? Kissing with the eyes closed ensures the continuity of the moment. That’s why when about to stop kissing, one of the first things that happen is the opening of the eyes.

Kiss Your Mate Day Activities

  1. Experiment with new kissing styles

    There are lots of kissing styles that abound. So, why not take that daring step with your partner and try different kissing styles? You might just be surprised how relishing it can be.

  2. Kiss more often

    Increase your kissing doses. If you formerly kiss your partner three times in a day, well today is a day to level up! Kiss more, love more.

  3. Send out those kiss emojis

    For those in long-distance relationships, worry not. You can be all kissy too. Send out those big, romantic kiss emojis and stickers to your partner anywhere they are.

5 Interesting Facts About Kissing

  1. It's been studied

    The scientific study of kissing is known as 'philematology.'

  2. It helps to burn calories

    A minute of kissing helps to burn calories.

  3. Decreases the stress hormone

    Kissing helps to check the rise in cortisol levels in the body.

  4. Causes the pupils to dilate

    Light penetrates more into the eyes when kissing which is why the eyes are usually closed.

  5. Can last for a long time

    The longest kiss lasted for two days, 10 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds!

Why We Love Kiss Your Mate Day

  1. It deepens the love between partners

    However you look at it, all partners are more loving and romantic to one another on Kiss Your Mate Day. It's a time for lovers to reconnect through their lips.

  2. Kissing is a healthy act

    It optimizes our well-being. If you are conscious of your health, worry not as health experts have approved and in fact, encouraged kissing.

  3. It helps us express our love silently

    When lost for words with your partner, kissing them passes a lot of messages and emotions bottled in your heart. It says a lot without words.

Kiss Your Mate Day dates

2025April 28Monday
2026April 28Tuesday
2027April 28Wednesday
2028April 28Friday
2029April 28Saturday

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