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SunSep 1

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day – September 1, 2024

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day is observed every September 1. Do you know that the term “identity theft” was created about 58 years ago? It’s a concerning problem, as some 15 million Americans fall prey to it annually. Sadly, even children are prone to having their identities stolen. Consequently, the company Experian created National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day to call attention to child identity theft and educate people about protecting their children.

History of National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day

Identity theft occurs when a perpetrator steals someone’s personal information to commit crimes, such as stealing credit card information, impersonating them to access their data, using phone services, misusing licenses, and more. Initially, people thought that only adults could have their identities stolen. However, it was later discovered that criminals were also targeting children because all their information is available on the web. This resulted in the establishment of several organizations and bureaus worldwide that defend against identity theft. Their main objective is regulating information processing and sharing information to protect people from these criminals.

In 2018, Experian, an information services company, established National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day. The organization was previously part of the Credit Data Corporation, and in 1964, it was taken over by Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc (T.R.W.), which then renamed the company TRW Information Systems and Services Inc. In 2017, Experian bought Clarity Services and became a multinational consumer credit reporting company. Since then, it has used its advanced analytical systems to protect consumer privacy.

They selected September 1 for National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day because it’s the start of new school semesters, making it the perfect time to educate parents about identity theft and how to protect themselves and their children.

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day timeline

The Term is Coined

The term “identity theft” is coined.

Identity Theft Increases

Cases of identity theft among child victims increase.

Experian Buys Clarity Services

Experian buys Clarity Services and becomes a consumer credit reporting company.

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day

Experian creates National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day to educate people about Child Identity Theft Identity.

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day FAQs

How can we prevent identity theft?

Identity theft can be prevented by destroying personal information records, avoiding writing passwords down, regularly changing the passwords of Internet banking profiles, double-checking before making financial transactions, and not opening suspicious links.

How do scammers usually steal your identity?

Most commonly, scammers steal the wallets of their victims to use their identity or credit cards. Phishing for information on the Internet is another option.

How can I track someone who stole my identity?

The Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.) has a fraud reporting website named It provides detailed information about dealing with different identity fraud scenarios.

How to Observe National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day

  1. Raise awareness

    Engage in community discussions about the steps you can take to prevent identity theft. Learn about the various ways to protect your data.

  2. Spread the word

    Let everyone know about this day’s importance. Write articles on the importance of child identity theft awareness and post them on social media. Use the hashtag #StopChildIDTheft so that readers can find them.

  3. Expand your knowledge

    This is also a day of learning. The more you know, the better prepared you can be. Learn about phishing attacks and other ways criminals access your personal information. Join #CreditChat, organized by Experian, for workshops and discussions.

5 Facts About Identity Theft That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It costs a lot of money

    In 2020, about $47 billion was lost to identity theft in the United States.

  2. Cases are rising rapidly

    A person falls victim to identity theft approximately every 14 seconds.

  3. It can happen through social media

    People who are active on social media are 30% more likely to fall victim to identity theft.

  4. It can happen to children

    Data shows that there have been over 1.3 million child victims of identity theft.

  5. Scammers access government documents

    Most identity theft perpetrators access government documents to commit tax and utility fraud.

Why National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day is Important

  1. It is a reminder to keep our children safe

    Cases of identity theft targeting children are more common than ever. Children are easy targets for criminals because they unknowingly divulge sensitive information online. As such, National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day is a day for educating our children.

  2. We get to do something for the community

    This day gives us a chance to discuss important things with our friends, family, and community. We grow stronger as a society, in turn making the nation stronger.

  3. We expand our knowledge

    It allows us to learn about identity theft awareness: how to tackle it, prevent it, and the different ways criminals try to access our information, e.t.c. It helps us be more prepared.

National Child Identity Theft Awareness Day dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday
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