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National Condiment Month – September 2024

National Condiment Month is celebrated during the month of September and is all about trying a new or old-fashioned condiment, as well as sharing new recipes with your friends! 

Condiments are known for bringing spectacular flavors to our daily dishes — and some people can’t live without them. From salt to ketchup, condiments can surprise us every time with a new culinary experience, intensifying the flavor of the main ingredients and balancing their tastes simultaneously.

Let’s try some condiments and change the flavor of our dishes forever!

History of National Condiment Month

The word “condiment” comes from the Latin word “condimentum”, meaning spice, seasoning or sauce, and “condire”, which means to preserve, pickle or season. Although the word was first used to describe pickling fluid and seasoning in the mid-1400s, it has come to include a wide range of different products in modern times. 

Salt was the primary “condimentum”, dating back to medieval times when it was an expensive commodity. During the Middle Ages, condiments evolved to become an addition to food, characterized by improving the texture, adding flavor, and providing benefits. Examples include seasoning and sauces to name a few.

In the 1800s, the French chef Auguste Escoffier created the term “mother sauces” to describe a group of sauces (béchamel, velouté, espagnole, hollandaise, and tomato) as the foundation of almost every sauce variation.

Today, countless condiments are available from around the world, and Food Service Direct has joined the condiment game to celebrate the creation of these great flavors. They are the first food-focused online marketplace,built to provide anyone with access to quality food and supplies in bulk. Whether you are craving something spicy, salty, or sour – they’ve got you covered.

National Condiment Month timeline

The Creation of Mayonnaise

According to the story, a French Chef created the first mayonnaise sauce.

Mass Production of Condiments

With the Industrial Revolution, condiments began to be mass-produced in factories.

The First Tomato-based Ketchup

James Mease, a Philadelphia scientist, creates the first tomato-based recipe for “ketchup”

Tabasco Sauce is Created

American businessman Edmund McIlhenry created the first batch of Tabasco sauce.

National Condiment Month FAQs

Why are condiments such a common feature on dining tables?

Condiments are known to be a typical compliment to food because of their ability to personalize and add taste or flavor to different dishes as desired. Condiments also offer a whole sensory experience through smell, sight, sound, and touch, making dishes much more attractive.

What is the #1 condiment in America?

For the past two years, Mayonnaise has become the most popular condiment in the United States. Its sales come up to roughly 164 million U.S. dollars.

Which are the oldest condiments in the world?

The first condiment was Salt. However, some of the world’s oldest condiments are Mustard and Garum. 

Mustard (300 B.C.) was used by the ancient Sumerians, including ingredients such as pepper, caraway, coriander seeds, dill and celery. Garum (500 B.C.), as used by the Romans, refers to a fish sauce. They used it to dress up dishes and impress official guests.

How To Celebrate National Condiment Month

  1. Find a new type of condiment

    There are countless varieties of condiments available from all over the world, so why not browse through Food Service Direct’s wide range of offerings and try something new? Substitute your favorite condiment with a different version, and who knows — you may stumble upon your new staple sauce.

  2. Try out a condiment-based recipe!

    When it comes to food, there are several ways to flex your creative muscles. We’d recommend trying out a Cola BBQ sauce to coat your meat, an Asian black bean sauce to liven up a stir-fry, or a Salted caramel sauce for those with a sweet tooth. Simply choose your favorite condiment and let the flavor guide you to creating your own unique recipe.

  3. Have a nice dinner with your loved ones

    Once you’ve found your favorite condiment, the only thing left to do is enjoy it with your friends and family at any and all gatherings. From cookouts to barbecues, who doesn’t love a good sauce to get some great flavors going?

5 Most Consumed Condiments

  1. Aioli

    Aioli is a creamy and rich sauce, made from the emulsion of olive oil and mashed garlic. It is very popular in Mediterranean countries.

  2. Ketchup

    This classic American condiment is made of tomato puree, water, onions, and green peppers flavored with vinegar and sugar to create a sweet and tangy flavor.

  3. Mayonnaise

    The French way to make mayo is by emulsifying raw egg yolks and vegetable oil. Once the mixture thickens, then lemon juice, vinegar and mustard are added.

  4. Mustard

    This sauce was created out of mixed wine and mustard seeds during the Roman times, then added to meals.

  5. Ranch

    Made from a combination of buttermilk and egg yolks, ranch is probably the most-loved dressing that’s used on salads and even pizza!

Why We Love National Condiment Month

  1. Condiments add flavor to our lives

    Let’s face it – our food would be pretty bland without that special go-to sauce to excite our taste buds. From color to texture, the right condiment can enhance just about anything.

  2. They offer a huge variety and different flavors

    There are a limitless amount of condiments in the world. Some can stand alone, and some cannot. We can find them in a thick form as sauces, dressings, mustards, and dips, or as a powder in products such as spices, salt, and natural herbs. Head over to Food Service Direct’s Condiment section. Your new condiment could be knocking on your door really soon!

  3. They come from different cultures

    Many diverse condiments exist in various countries, regions, and cultures. However, what they all share in common is that each one has a very distinctive flavor that adds to the food. The art of cooking has allowed people to share their unique take on condiments, understand different cultures, and blend different sauces for their traditional dishes.

National Condiment Month dates

2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday
2027September 1Wednesday
2028September 1Friday
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