November 21st holidays

November 21st is the 325th day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day the government of Belgium imposed a security lockdown on Brussels due to potential terror attacks; United States intelligence analyst Jonathon Pollard was arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel, and the United States embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan was attacked and destroyed by fire, killing four. Famous November 21st birthdays include singer Bjork, actress Goldie Hawn, and American footballer Troy Aikman. Today is National Stuffing Day and World Television Day.

We have 9 holidays listed for November 21.


National Stuffing Day

Stuffing is a major player in the world of Thanksgiving.


World Television Day

It often feels like every day is television day, but global observance started in 1996.


Alascattalo Day

Let loose and laugh a little on this rather quirky and humorous Alaskan holiday.


False Confession Day

On False Confession Day, get ready to make and hear the craziest confessions.


National Gingerbread Cookie Day

Awaken the holiday spirit in you by celebrating with this tasty, spicy treat.


National Red Mitten Day

Red mittens in Canada are more than a fashion statement — they support the nation's Olympics team.


Odd Socks Day

Today's not only a great way to express uncanny styles, it’s also promoting a good cause.


World Fisheries Day

Dedicated to highlighting the critical importance of healthy ocean ecosystems.


World Hello Day

The importance of personal communication is illustrated for preserving peace.