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False Confession Day – November 21, 2024

It is False Confession Day on November 21. This is a perfect day for people who want to test others through false confessions. It is also an opportunity to convey the truth in the disguise of a false confession. This is the perfect day for the pranksters among us who want to fool someone. Who wouldn’t love a harmless joke? We all tell lies for a variety of reasons: to save a sensitive person from being hurt; to look cool; to get a job; to impress a crush, and so on. We can do this on False Confession Day freely, without having to face consequences. That being said, please refrain from making confessions that can hurt others or create legal complications.

History of False Confession Day

Confessions are great. A good confession can help ease the weight on the soul. But do you know what is more fun? A false confession! False confession day was likely invented by pranksters who needed more than one day a year to test out their practical pranks. Someone might have started the day to observe the reaction of people to a particular scenario. The day is always celebrated by causing confusion and bewilderment among the people.

False confession also has other uses. One can easily discover people’s perceptions of various situations without actually being in one. But we urge people not to get too serious about the day. Please do not confess to matters that have legal complications. Also, please don’t use the day to find a romantic date. These are matters that are best done honestly, without using False Confession Day for aid.

Another cool way to use the day is to confess the truth and make others think it is a false confession. This is a diplomatic situation where you are not lying, but at the same time, you are not at the risk of exposing your secrets to the public. Lying is a common process in normal human interactions. We lie for various reasons. Throughout history, lies have played a major role in countless events. Even as children, we are great at lying. We are celebrating “False Confession Day” to enjoy the fun it can provide. Just be responsible and make sure no one is hurt in the process.

False Confession Day timeline

Pasta Growing Tree

The BBC convinced people that pasta grows on a tree.

Digital Big Ben

This time, the BBC convinced the world that Big Ben was getting remodeled as a digital piece.

Stamping Ground

Monaco started releasing the first stamps they printed.


Sorry, all the above are our false confessions.

False Confession Day FAQs

What is the earliest false confession recorded

In September 1666 the great fire of London destroyed 13,000 homes, Robert Hubert, a Frenchman, claimed to be working for the Pope. He confessed to being the arsonist and was hanged on September 28. It was later found that he was not in London when the fire started.

Were the confessions of the Salem Witch trials false?

One of the most horrific examples was during the Salem witch trials of 1692. 19 women who were accused of witchcraft were executed. Many more were jailed. These brutal proceedings relied on confessions extorted from the women by severe torture.

Are there studies of the prevalence of false confessions?

In the late 1980s, six studies documented around 250 false confessions brought about by “intense interrogation”. They found that false confession “may be the single leading cause of wrongful conviction in homicide cases.”

False Confession Day Activities

  1. Confess to having a rare condition

    Make up a humorous, rare condition and confess to having it. Please don’t make up any deadly conditions and cause unwanted tension and panic.

  2. Confess you are changing cities

    Don’t use this on your colleagues. This is best suited for friends – and enjoying their reactions.

  3. Confess you hit your colleague's car

    Tell them you accidentally hit their car while parking and caused a dent. Watch and enjoy their reaction when they realize you were joking.

5 Facts About Pranks That Will Interest You

  1. Telephonic prank

    The very first telephonic prank happened in 1884.

  2. The monk prank

    In 1400, Thomas Benson pulled off the first recorded possible practical prank by hiding a beetle inside a hollowed apple.

  3. The Moon prank

    The “New York Sun” printed an article stating the discovery of life on the moon.

  4. War of the worlds

    Orson Welles’s radio broadcast of “War of the Worlds” pranked millions into believing an actual war with Martians broke out.

  5. The deadly DHMO

    A viral email convinced people that the chemical compound DHMO causes severe health issues, and locals started to demand a ban on the chemical - DHMO is DiHydrogen MonOxide, also known as water.

Why We Love False Confession Day

  1. A second chance to prank

    The False Confession Day offers us a second April Fools' Day. This is a dream come true for the pranksters among us.

  2. Reaction tells everything

    When we falsely confess something witty or embarrassing, the reaction of the audience is everything. We can see their reaction and understand their perspective on the topic without getting all serious about it.

  3. A truth concealed as false

    On this day, not only can we deceive someone but we can also conceal the truth as a false confession. Did you slip some embarrassing information accidentally? Just tell them it's a false confession prank and save the day.

False Confession Day dates

2024November 21Thursday
2025November 21Friday
2026November 21Saturday
2027November 21Sunday
2028November 21Tuesday

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