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Children in Need – November 15, 2024

B.B.C. Children in Need Appeal happens every year on the third Friday of November and this year, it will fall on November 15. B.B.C. Children in Need is the B.B.C’s charity. Its mission is to help ensure every child in the U.K. is happy, safe, secure, and has the opportunities they need to reach their potential. The charity raises money and funds from the appeal go to charities and projects that help remove the barriers preventing children and young people from thriving. B.B.C. Children in Need supports children and young people affected by several disadvantages such as poverty, distress, disability, illness, or trauma.

History of Children in Need

December 25, 1927, welcomed the very first B.B.C. radio broadcast appeal for children. This event raised more than £1,300 (around £70,000 in today’s value) for four children’s charities in the U.K. These five-minute Christmas Day Appeals continued on T.V. and radio until 1979. During that time the appeal raised a total of £625,836.

The first B.B.C. Children in Need telethon was broadcast in 1980. It took the format of a series of short segments linking the evening’s programming instead of the usual continuous show. The telethon was devoted to raising money solely dedicated to charities working with children in the United Kingdom.

Terry Wogan, Sue Lawley, and Esther Rantzen were the presenters of this new format. There was a dramatic increase in public donations, with £1 million being raised that year. In 1985, B.B.C. graphic designer Joanna Lane, who worked in the B.B.C’s design department, created the appeal’s mascot. It was a brown, cuddly teddy with a bandana over one eye named Pudsey Bear. The mascot brought new life to the appeal compared to the 2D logo.

Over the years, Pudsey underwent a couple of makeovers that saw changes to his bandana and buttons. Also, Pudsey now has a smiling expression rather than a sad one in the previous logo. In 2009, Pudsey was joined by a brown female bear named Blush. She comes with a spotty bow with a pattern similar to the one on Pudsey’s bandana.

The charity goes beyond providing for children’s physical needs. In partnership with Boots, B.B.C. Children in Need launched a new £10 million three-year funding program in 2019 called ‘A Million and Me’ that focuses on children’s emotional well-being.

Children in Need timeline

First Appeal on Television

The Children’s Hour Christmas Appeal presents on T.V. by Sooty and Harry Corbett.

New Mascot Unveiling

Pudsey Bear makes his first appearance on B.B.C. Children in Need as a brown teddy mascot.

Time To Play

A.S.D.A. and B.B.C. Children in Need introduce the Power of Play Partnership supporting life skills.

Milestone in Fundraising

B.B.C. Children in Need Appeal raises a total of £1 billion in support of children across the U.K.

Children in Need FAQs

Can I use a copy of the Pudsey Logo in my fundraising events?

Pudsey is a trademark and copyrighted by the B.B.C., so you must have a formal licensing agreement to use it.

How old do I have to be to fundraise for B.B.C. Children in Need?

The minimum age varies depending on the type of fundraising activity you wish to do.

Does the B.B.C. Children in Need Appeal have projects in schools?

The organization does not fund schools, academies, universities, pupil referral units (P.R.U.), or statutory educational establishments.

Children in Need Activities

  1. Donate or fundraise

    Numerous children-focused charities need our help to continue their noble causes. Hold a fundraiser or send your donations to a charity of your choice.

  2. Watch the telethon

    Watching the B.B.C. One telethon is a great way to celebrate. Make it more fun by grabbing popcorn and watching the show with your kids.

  3. Tell others

    Talk to your loved ones about this day and its importance. You can also post on social media so that more people know about it.

5 Interesting Facts About Mascots In B.B.C. Children In Need

  1. Mascots in video games

    Moshi Monsters introduced Pudsey as an in-game item in 2013.

  2. Mascot makeover

    Pudsey has been redesigned twice — in 1986 and 2007.

  3. Music for charity

    From 1985 to 2021, artists and the B.B.C. Children in Need choir have songs supporting charity.

  4. Involvement of cartoons

    Televised appeals sometimes used cartoon characters such as Peter Pan and Tom and Jerry.

  5. Effects of the pandemic

    Due to the pandemic, the telethon for 2020 was reduced to a singular three-hour-long program.

Why We Love Children in Need

  1. It supports kids in need

    Worldwide, millions of children are underprivileged. The B.B.C. Children in Need fund helps to alleviate the situation.

  2. It’s fun

    On this day, we get to hang out with and show kindness to children. It’s a day of joy as we remind kids that they are loved.

  3. It creates awareness

    Often, the issues affecting children in need get overlooked. This day raises awareness so that we all take action.

Children in Need dates

2022November 18Friday
2023November 17Friday
2024November 15Friday
2025November 21Friday
2026November 20Friday

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