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FriNov 15

World Vasectomy Day – November 15, 2024

World Vasectomy Day falls on the third Friday of November every year. This year, it is observed on November 15. The day advocates for vasectomy as a safe and sensible choice for male contraception and promotes the training of doctors who can conduct the procedure. Vasectomy is a permanent contraceptive procedure done on a male’s sexual organ to limit the transfer of sperm during intercourse. Vasectomy is safe, reversible, and highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Since its launch in 2012, World Vasectomy Day has partnered with more than 30+ countries and is now the largest male-focused family planning and sexual health movement in the world.

History of World Vasectomy Day

World Vasectomy Day (W.V.D.) encourages men to consider the choice of vasectomy as contraception. It is the joint initiative of filmmaker and journalist Jonathan Stack and urologist Dr. Doug Stein, who view the project to popularise vasectomy as a collective movement for social change. The day is a part of the seven-day W.V.D. event, observed in the third week of November. The project has operating headquarters in Australia, Kenya, Indonesia, Mexico, Haiti, Rwanda, and Colombia.

The founders consider vasectomy an act of love, performed by an informed male to take the control of their lineage into their own hands. As per the science of ovulation, a female’s anatomy allows her to conceive for only two days in a month — that makes for 24 days in a year. Whereas, a male can create a baby multiple times a day, every day of the month, throughout the year. Hence, the onus of avoiding unwanted pregnancies should be on men. Instead, it is the women who mostly shield the burden with daily birth control, diaphragms, I.U.Ds, etc. World Vasectomy Day inspires men to be compassionate partners to their spouses.

There’s a lot of stigma regarding a vasectomy that continues to plague our society, including the fear of emasculation and decreased sexual performance. W.V.D. conducts educational events and men’s health fairs to maximize participation and healthy discussion of the topic. The movement partners with leading public health organizations and the governments of specific countries to launch male-specific family control initiatives.

World Vasectomy Day timeline

The First Snip

A vasectomy is performed on a dog for the first time.

The First Case

Chicago surgeon, A.J. Ochsner performs the procedure on a man for the first time in the U.S.

The Public Embrace

The vasectomy procedure gains popularity, with many influential men such as Sigmund Freud and W. B. Yeats undergoing the surgery.

The Day is Named

American journalist and film-maker, Jonathan Stack and urologist Dr. Doug Stein designate the third Friday of November as World Vasectomy Day.

World Vasectomy Day FAQs

Is vasectomy a good idea?

Vasectomies are the most effective form of male contraception, with 99% efficacy.

What is the right age to get a vasectomy?

There is no right or wrong time to get a vasectomy. An 18+ adult can choose to have a vasectomy at any time in their lives.

Is vasectomy painful?

The procedure can cause some pain or discomfort, with some residue swelling and bruising, but it isn’t ruled as terribly painful. The aftercare for the procedure includes icing, painkillers, and an entire day of rest.

How to Observe World Vasectomy Day

  1. Join the mission

    The W.V.D. network trains new doctors and medical professionals to perform vasectomies on men. To mark the day, you can spread the word and connect impressionable medical professionals in your network towards the take-up training at one of the W.V.D. centers.

  2. Burst some myths

    There’s a lot of misinformation and obvious stigma attached to vasectomies. On World Vasectomy Day, arm yourself with important facts and statistics about the procedure, so you can challenge the preconceived notions of people and change minds.

  3. Educate the massess

    Vasectomy is a conscious choice that can have a positive impact on the well-being of families and other people. Mark the day by collaborating with your local leaders, writers, media personalities, and journalists to inform the public about the procedure and its implications.

5 Thrilling Facts About Vasectomies In The U.S.

  1. It’s quite popular in the U.S.

    More than half a million men get a vasectomy each year.

  2. Orgasms aboard

    Vasectomy limits the mixing of semen with other seminal fluids without impacting the release, which means men continue to orgasm after the procedure.

  3. No impact on the drive

    Vasectomies do not affect a man’s sex drive or sexual performance.

  4. Reversal ain’t popular

    Although vasectomy is reversible for all patients, only three to 5% of men request an undo in their lifetimes.

  5. A near-perfect solution

    Vasectomy does not shield you from sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, herpes, etc.

Why World Vasectomy Day is Important

  1. It’s safe and reversible

    Since its launch in 2012, the sole mission of the World Vasectomy Day project is to propagate the merits of getting a vasectomy. The project aims to encourage men to consider the upside of the procedure — which is the complete avoidance of unwanted pregnancy until they decide otherwise.

  2. We need to know the options

    W.V.D. Project is a year-round program that works with institutions to educate the public, train doctors, and create a vibrant community of people who share a passion for sexual liberty and progressive procedures. In almost all committed couples, it is the female partner who takes birth control every morning, placing a lot of responsibility on her. With W.V.D., people can learn about the option of a one-time surgery.

  3. It’s minimally invasive

    Vasectomy surgery takes about ten to 30 minutes and has no post-op restrictions or complications. Additionally, the cost of a vasectomy is far less than that of long-term birth control or female sterilization. It simply makes sense to treat vasectomy as a viable and financially sound option of contraception — which is what the day illuminates.

World Vasectomy Day dates

2022November 18Friday
2023November 17Friday
2024November 15Friday
2025November 21Friday
2026November 20Friday

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