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Risa Dressler was born on November 21, 1976, in Connecticut, United States. This YouTube gamer is better known on the platform as Lucahjin. She uploads Let’s Play video content to her YouTube channel. Dressler also runs the “Relaxajin” YouTube channel, where she shares A.S.M.R.-inducing video games that are calming and meditative. Over 500,000 people have seen one of her most well-liked animated videos. Her videos have over 106 million views. We’ll help you celebrate her birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Risa Dressler



Birth date:

November 21, 1976



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Risa's Social Media:


Risa Dressler is a YouTube content producer and Twitch streamer well recognized for her gaming and animation videos. Dressler has not disclosed much about her family or early life other than that she was raised in New London County, Connecticut, and later moved to Seattle, Washington. She launched her YouTube channel on July 5, 2007, making Let’s Play (L.P.) videos some of which became famous for including “Horse” video games and “Barbie” Let’s Plays. Her following increased when she worked on more well-known titles like “Ace Attorney” and “DanganRonpa.” On August 23, 2007, the channel’s debut (now-deleted) video, “Second Life/Fraps test run (sound test),” was released. Dressler subsequently relocated to Canada to be closer to her then-boyfriend, ProtonJon. The couple later married in 2017.

She began to earn more subscribers after adding additional content to her YouTube page, particularly animated videos. Her content is primarily found in the gaming category. Dressler enjoys expressing her reactions to games with other gamers. Her YouTube channel has over 228,000 subscribers and 106,417,459 views. Dressler launched her second channel, “Relaxajin,” on September 23, 2012. She posts soft and relaxing video game content designed to trigger A.S.M.R. With over 155,605 views, “Let’s Relax with — Osmos” is the channel’s most watched video. “Relaxajin” is currently on hiatus.

She started a Twitch channel in response to the popularity of her gaming and animation reaction video series. The 45-year-old YouTuber occasionally streams live on her channel, “Lucahjin,” which now has more than 229,000 subscribers. The “Nancy Drew” series, which Dressler adores, has been streamed. Additionally, she has introduced Jon to “Pajama Sam” and other classic P.C. educational games like “Freddi Fish.” ProtonJon has made an appearance on her channel for some of her Let’s Play videos, including “America’s Next Top Model” and “Super Mario R.P.G.”

Career timeline

Her YouTube Page Gets Popular

Risa Dressler's passion for gaming propels her name to prominence through the numerous posts she makes on the page.

Her Video Gets Popular

The video titled "Lucahjin Animated | MEETING FLURRIE" garners over 507,868 views.

She Creates Her Second Channel

She launches “Relaxajin,” where she posts comforting A.S.M.R. content.

She Gets Married

Dressler marries Jonathan Wheeler, better known as ProtonJon, in September.

Why We Love Risa Dressler

  1. She is funny

    Dressler makes funny video game content. Across all of her platforms, the creator has accumulated over 300,000 fans.

  2. She is passionate

    Dressler has several YouTube accounts and uses Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. She creates content on various pages and does the things she enjoys.

  3. She is social

    The YouTuber has a welcoming personality. Dressler constantly interacts with her followers on her many social media platforms. She works with other creators on the "Barbie Horse Adventure Series" Let's Play videos, such as Josh Jepson.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is a cat person

    Risa Dressler and her husband adopted a cat named Bagel.

  2. Her love for Taco Bell

    The YouTuber's love for Taco Bell and chicken wings is clear in her videos.

  3. Her favorite villains

    Her favorite villains include Eggman from "Sonic" and Bowser from "Super Mario."

  4. She is a King of Gaming

    In October 2012, she finished second in the category of King of Gaming in the “King of the Web” competition.

  5. Her merchandise

    Dressler has released tees and pullover hoodies.

Risa Dressler FAQs

Where does Risa Dressler live now?

She currently resides in Calgary, Canada.

How many videos are posted on Lucahjin’s YouTube channel?

The channel currently has 2,206 videos.

Who is Risa Dressler’s husband?

Dressler is married to Jonathan Wheeler, also known online as ProtonJonSA or ProtonJon, and a member of the collaboration channel “TheRunawayGuys.” His gaming videos frequently involve Nintendo brands.

Risa Dressler’s birthday dates

2024November 21Thursday
2025November 21Friday
2026November 21Saturday
2027November 21Sunday
2028November 21Tuesday

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