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Marvin Cortes, born on November 21, 1992, rose to prominence in 2013 after finishing in second place in Tyra Banks’ hugely popular reality modeling competition “America’s Next Top Model” cycle 20. Not only has his reality television success given him opportunities to be featured in several of the world’s most significant fashion magazines, but also opportunities to work with high-class brands. Givenchy, Hugo Boss, Coca-Cola, Sears, Samsung, and many other top brands, as well as cat-walking for GUESS in Malaysia, are part of his portfolio. He has also launched his very own male cosmetics line. Cortes is a talented figure worthy of celebration, especially on his special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Marvin Cortes


Starvin' Marvin

Birth date:

November 21, 1992



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6' 1"

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One of the youngest in the family of seven sons, Marvin Cortes, was born on November 21, 1992. He is of Honduran origin and American nationality. He attended the community college in his hometown of South Bronx, New York City, where he was raised. Cortes was a sales representative for GUESS. Unexpectedly, he was employed by Zara as a cashier when Danielle, the casting director for season 20 of “America’s Next Top Model,” invited him to try out for the show. In 2013, with her assistance, he performed well in his competition audition out of thousands of others.

In the months that followed the show, Cortes was highlighted in “The Fashionisto” and “ZEPHRA.” In 2014, he served as the model for “Naluda.” Other depictions of him can be seen in “AugustMan Malaysia,” “RUNWAY,” “BELLA New York Magazine,” “iFathom,” “Elléments,” “Annex,” “Dorian,” “PIE,” “Vulkan,” “Desnudo,” and “Adon.” Additionally, he posed alongside Brooke Candy for the “Galore” magazine cover and spread. He modeled for brands like David Hart Menswear, Mondo Guerra, Creative Recreation, NovaStarz, The Miracle Brand, International Playground, New York Speed, and DFYNT Clothing. His debut book, “Don’t Waste Your Looks on Likes,” was released in February 2019 and provided an insight into his experiences in the fashion world. In August 2020, Cortes also launched Beauty by Marvin.

On social media, the Latino model has developed a sizable fan base. Cortes keeps himself on the cutting edge of fashion and in direct contact with his 213,000 Instagram followers by gracing social media with attractive, sexy, and sophisticated content. The model announced on social media on August 1, 2021, that he is a proud member of the L.G.B.T.Q.+ community.

Career timeline

The Debut as a Model

As a result of his success on "America's Next Top Model," Cortes begins to appear in several fashion magazines.

The Magazine Interview

Cortes is interviewed in "Naluda" magazine and is also featured in a photo shoot.

The First Book is Published

Cortes debuts as an author with "Don't Waste Your Looks on Likes."

The Personal Brand is Launched

In August, Cortes launches his brand Beauty by Marvin.

Why We Love Marvin Cortes

  1. He loves his family

    Even in the face of opposition, his love for his family is admirable. He was sensitive to his family’s feelings and thoughts during his coming out.

  2. His support for bisexuality and sex positivity

    Even though Cortes may have waited a bit longer than others to come out, he is now living authentically and advising others to do the same. And he deserves the top rank in our hearts for that.

  3. He is inspiring

    Cortes' coming out opens the door for many more. His action serves as an example not only for bisexual people but also for the L.G.B.T.Q.+ Hispanic community, who allegedly face higher rates of discrimination.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He has an OnlyFans profile

    Although his coming out has rekindled our interest in Marvin Cortes, he has amassed a sizable fan base over the years.

  2. Cortes set a new record

    He placed second in season 20 of “America’s Next Top Model” and made series history as the first male contestant to rank as the runner-up.

  3. He was a smart student

    During his academic career, the model and content creator maintained a 4.0 G.P.A., with math and earth science being his favorite subjects.

  4. He had never modeled before

    Before “America’s Next Top Model,” Cortes had only done a test shoot with a friend who had recently purchased a new camera lens and wanted to shoot with it.

  5. Cortes speaks Spanish

    His parents made sure he knew how to speak the language at home.

Marvin Cortes FAQs

Are Marvin Cortes and Renee Bhagwandeen still together?

No, they decided to part ways and concentrate more on their careers.

What is Marvin Cortes doing now?

He is working to advance his modeling and digital content creation careers. He recently appeared on the cover of the June 2022 issue of “GEODE” magazine.

What are Marvin Cortes' hobbies?

Marvin enjoys staying active by going to the beach, the gym, going on hikes, or playing sports.

Marvin Cortes’s birthday dates

2024November 21Thursday
2025November 21Friday
2026November 21Saturday
2027November 21Sunday
2028November 21Tuesday

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