Alana Kern

Alana Kern, born on December 16, 2006, is an American social media influencer, blogger, actress, and Instagram model. She rose to fame by posting her modeling, travel, swimwear, and fashion photos to her social accounts. Today is Kern’s birthday and we are going to help you celebrate her right here with some fun facts and interesting insights.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alana Kern

Birth date:

December 16, 2006



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Net Worth:

$100 thousand

Alana's Social Media:


Alana Kern is an American social media influencer, blogger, actress, and Instagram model. Kern was born and raised in Hawaii, however, she relocated and currently lives in Utah, United States. From a young age, Kern showed an interest in modeling and singing and decided to pursue her career in the industry. In 2019, she started her social media journey, as well as her modeling career, and has been extremely successful so far.

Since her inception into social fame, Kern has managed to rack up an impressive number of followers. She boasts over 300 thousand followers on Instagram, where she posts lifestyle, modeling, and travel pictures. She also has a fanbase on TikTok with over 5,000 followers, and on YouTube, which is steadily growing. As an Instagram model, Kern has posed for several brands, such as the active and swimwear brand Beijo Girls.

In her other ventures, the young up-and-comer also has her own website and blog called “Alana Kern Life,” where she also features a shop and collections — allowing fans to become members to see it all. Although Kern is still young, she is steadily making a name for herself as well as making sure she has a fruitful career for herself along the way. We are excited to see what she gets up to next and hope to see her take Hollywood by storm someday! Go get it, girl, we will be cheering you on.

Career timeline

She Starts Her Instagram Career

Kern uploads her first photos to Instagram.

Her Blog “Alana Kern Life”

She starts her website featuring collections, subscriptions, images, and more.

She Models For Beijo Girl

She models bikinis and more for the Beijo brand.

Her Success Continues

Kern continues to be successful and boasts over 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Why We Love Alana Kern

  1. She has big dreams

    Kern is still young. However, she has big aspirations to become a lifestyle fashion model and actress. Go for it, girl!

  2. She has a great support system

    Kern is not alone in her journey into stardom. She has an extremely supportive mother by her side.

  3. She is taking all opportunities

    You can't succeed if you don't try, and that is exactly what Kern is doing. She is taking every opportunity in her lane and has even worked with brands such as Victoria & Co and Skullcandy.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her favorite color

    She has stated on her Instagram that her favorite color is yellow.

  2. She is a cat-lover

    Kern is an avid cat person and has several furry friends.

  3. Her all-time favorite movie

    Her all-time favorite movie is “Pretty Women.”

  4. She loves the beach

    As you could probably tell by her social media, Kern loves the ocean.

  5. The actress that inspires her

    She is a huge fan of Jessica Alba.

Alana Kern FAQs

Who is Alana Kern’s mother?

Her mother is Kumei Kern. She is a photographer and C.E.O.

How old is Alana Kern?

She will be 16 years old in December 2022.

Why is Alana Kern famous?

She is well-known for posting her modeling and lifestyle pictures on Instagram.

Alana Kern’s birthday dates

2024December 16Monday
2025December 16Tuesday
2026December 16Wednesday
2027December 16Thursday
2028December 16Saturday

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