Daniel Preda

Daniel Preda, born December 16, 1992, is a former intern and has become a popular YouTuber and Instagram star. While he is most well-known for his Instagram posts, he also shares content on YouTube, where he has over 325,000 subscribers. He uploads everything from home decor, interior design, skincare, puppy videos, travel vlogs, and other entertaining parts of his lifestyle. He also has over 825,000 followers on Instagram, sharing mostly fashion and homemaking content. We will help you celebrate this iconic content creator’s birthday right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Daniel Christopher Preda


Mister Preda

Birth date:

December 16, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



6' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Daniel's Social Media:


Daniel Preda is a widely popular fashion influencer, model, and actor. His fans love him for his amazing personality. He is also a hard worker and encourages people to give their best. Preda was born on December 16, 1992, in Boston, Massachusetts. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and he has Italian ancestry. He was the youngest of three children and grew up with two older brothers. Preda came out as gay toward the end of high school, but his father didn’t accept him.

After graduating high school, Preda got a partial scholarship at Northeastern University. His parents wanted him to take pre-med courses, but he didn’t want that life for himself. So, he switched to studying Broadcast Journalism and Communication and found out that he loved radio. Later, he interned at the “Wendy Williams Show” and E! Entertainment. Preda has always been interested in fashion, and he became popular when he started posting his fashion ideas on Instagram. His Instagram content got him a lot of attention, and many companies soon started reaching out to him.

He started dating YouTuber Joey Graceffa in 2014 and announced their relationship in 2016. Preda created a YouTube channel in 2016 while he was with Graceffa. Preda and his boyfriend started collaborating to make videos together. The relationship was mutually beneficial. While he helped Graceffa with content, Graceffa likewise helped him increase his viewers. In 2016, Preda starred in “Escape the Night” (2016), a T.V. series. In the same year, he also appeared in the short movie “It Gets Worse.” Up until 2020, Preda and Graceffa were together before things started to fall apart. After their split up in July 2020, Preda relocated to Italy with their dogs.

Career timeline

He Announces His Relationship with Graceffa

Preda joins Graceffa on his YouTube channel to announce their relationship.

He Starts Acting

He appears in "Escape the Night," a T.V. series.

He Produces a T.V. Series

He starts producing the third season of “Escape the Night.”

He Breaks Up with Graceffa

He and Graceffa call it quits after six years of dating.

Why We Love Daniel Preda

  1. He believes laws should reflect current realities

    Many laws in the U.S. have existed for more than 200 years. Preda believes these laws should be tested and changed as they no longer reflect the current realities of those who live under them.

  2. He believes in gun control

    Preda believes only medically sane people should have access to firearms, and we agree. He supports stronger gun control and mental health evaluation.

  3. He gives compliments

    If you deserve compliments, he will not hold back. Life can be hard and unforgiving; people like Preda, who give compliments, can make people very happy.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He once hated the Spider-Man Reboot

    Preda was so taken with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst's “Spider-Man” (2002) that he swore he wouldn't watch Andrew Garfield's reboot — but he did, and he loved it.

  2. His favorite holiday movies

    His favorite movies are “The Holiday” (2006) and “White Christmas” (1954).

  3. His least favorite snack

    He is no fan of Baby Ruth chocolate bars and whoopers.

  4. His favorite food

    Preda's favorite food is pizza, but with no pineapple topping.

  5. His favorite color

    His best color is charcoal grey.

Daniel Preda FAQs

Are Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa still together?

No, Preda and Graceffa are no longer together. They have called it quits after six years together.

Who does Daniel Preda play in “Escape the Night?”

Preda played Ticketmaster, Disco Clown, and Caveman. He was also the senior producer.

Are Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda still friends?

Despite ending their relationship, Graceffa and Preda are still friends. They have continued to share custody of their furbabies.

Daniel Preda’s birthday dates

2024December 16Monday
2025December 16Tuesday
2026December 16Wednesday
2027December 16Thursday
2028December 16Saturday

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