Mya Nicole Johnson

Mya Nicole Johnson, born on December 20, 2005, is a social media celebrity and content creator from the United States. She is also a musician and has released music of her own. On her TikTok account, she is well known for posting dance videos. Johnson, in addition to being well-known on TikTok, is also well-known on Instagram. She is also recognized for her TikTok collaborations and is a member of the popular social media group Tha Bad Kids. Let’s celebrate her together.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Mya Nicole Johnson

Birth date:

December 20, 2005



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$100 thousand

Mya's Social Media:


Mya Nicole Johnson was born on December 20, 2005. She grew up in a well-established Christian family in the United States. She is an American national who follows the Christian faith. She attended a local school for her early education and is currently enrolled at the same high school where she is pursuing her further education, while also working. She has dreamed of becoming a well-known American celebrity since she was a child.

Johnson is a well-known TikTok and Instagram star as well as a model. She has been in a lot of videos since her online appearance. Her beautiful looks, cute smile, modeling poses, style, and amazing personality are well-known. On TikTok, she is known for her funny clips, dancing videos, and lip-sync performances.

First and foremost, her Instagram handle is @theemyanicole, and she has over 464,000 followers. There are 1.2 million users connected to her TikTok profile; her username is @theemyanicole. Johnson has been gaining a lot of attention on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube in recent months, with thousands of active followers. On November 20, 2021, she released her song ‘You ain’t like that’ featuring Rakihya Raine, and has garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube

Career timeline

Late 2010
She Joins Instagram

Johnson joins Instagram and starts to showcase her amazing fashion sense and personality.

Late 2010
She Joins Tiktok

Johnson creates a TikTok account and starts to showcase her dancing skills which go viral on the app.

She Hits One Million Followers on Instagram

Johnson hits a million followers on Instagram and makes a post to celebrate with her fans.

She Releases a Song

She releases the single, 'You Ain't Like That,' featuring Rakihya Raine on Youtube.

Why We Love Mya Nicole Johnson

  1. She is multi-gifted

    Apart from her dancing skills, Johnson is also a musician whose music has been well received. In addition to this, she is the social media sensation we know her to be.

  2. She is fashionable

    On her Instagram account, Johnson always looks stunning in her outfits. She is on her way to becoming a fashion icon.

  3. She is a good role model

    Johnson is a fantastic role model for young women of color. She has demonstrated through her career that you can dream big and achieve anything.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is from Texas

    We know she's a proud Texan because she's from the large city of Houston.

  2. She created the viral “Up” dance

    Johnson was the dancer who created the “Up” dance that started the viral movement on Tiktok.

  3. Addison Rae performed her dance

    When Rae came on the "Jimmy Fallon Show,” she performed Johnson’s dance.

  4. She appeared on the “Jimmy Fallon Show”

    Johnson, along with other dance creators, came on the show to talk about their dances.

  5. She is a runner

    She's a little busy with her high school track and field team when she's not busy being a social media dance sensation.

Mya Nicole Johnson FAQs

Is Mya Nicole Johnson a Jamaican?

She is an American social media celebrity from Texas.

Does Mya Nicole Johnson dislike Addison Rae?

No, she has never made any statement regarding disliking Rae.

Where is Mya Nicole Johnson’s school?

She goes to a local high school in the United States.

Mya Nicole Johnson’s birthday dates

2024December 20Friday
2025December 20Saturday
2026December 20Sunday
2027December 20Monday
2028December 20Wednesday

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