Trey Traylor

Treyvion Levell Traylor, popularly known as Trey Traylor, was born on November 25, 1998. He is a well-known singer and social media personality. He mainly performs with his brother, Armon Warren and they jointly run a Youtube channel which they have devoted to their music. The channel is extremely popular and has gradually amassed a huge fanbase. He kickstarted his career on Vine doing six-second-long covers of popular and famous songs with his brother. When Vine closed down, they ventured into Youtube and created a joint account which instantly blew up. Even though they are well known for their amazingly good covers, the duo have recently begun making their own music.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Treyvion Levell Traylor


Trey Traylor

Birth date:

November 25, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Treyvion's Social Media:


Treyvion Levell Traylor, also known as Trey Traylor, was born in Detroit Michigan. His mother Shiquita Hathaway raised him together with his six other siblings — three brothers, and three sisters. Traylor started performing with his brother, Armon Warren since they both had a fervent passion for music and it became something that brought them closer. They jointly run a Youtube channel that they have devoted to their music. The channel is extremely popular and has gradually amassed a huge fanbase.

Traylor kickstarted his career in 2010 on Vine doing six-second-long covers of popular and famous songs. He did this together with his brother and soon afterward, they began getting massive traction on their platform. When Vine closed down, they ventured into Youtube and created a joint channel titled ‘Ar’mon And Trey’ in 2014 which instantly blew up. This was because most of the followers they had accrued on Vine transitioned with them to Youtube. They uploaded their first video in 2016 which was dubbed, “Ar’mon And Trey – The Same (So Gone Challenge).” They also started receiving the attention of a new fanbase and this automatically centered them for success. Every video they let out started receiving hundreds of thousands of views and subsequently got over a million views.

Traylor and his brother also recently decided that it was time to start creating their own original songs and show the world not only their amazing vocals but their lyrical prowess as well. This came after years of singing covers of popular songs by mainstream celebrities such as Drake, and Usher. They have gone on to release songs like, ‘Breakdown,’ ‘Drown,’ and ‘No Strings.’ The songs continue to do well not only on their Youtube channel but on their other social media platforms as well.

Career timeline

The Youtube Channel is Lauched

Traylor creates a Youtube channel together with his brother and names it 'Ar’mon And Trey.'

The First Video

Traylor uploads the duo’s first video on Youtube titled, “Ar’mon And Trey - The Sane (So Gone Challenge).”

The Debut Single

Traylor releases his debut single as part of 'Ar’mon and Trey' titled, 'She For Everybody' in which he featured Lil Perfect.

The Debut EP

Traylor releases his debut extended playlist known as “Long Story Short” together with his brother.

Why We Love Trey Traylor

  1. He is dedicated

    Traylor is dedicated to what he puts his energy into. When he started covering songs by popular celebrities, he gave his whole heart to the songs and that is how he ended up gaining a huge following even before releasing his own songs.

  2. He values family

    Traylor was raised with six of his siblings and his family is first priority to him. His Vine account was initially started with him trying to strengthen the bond between his brother and him. Throughout his career, he has been working with his brother and this attribute continues to bring them closer.

  3. He is a risk taker

    Traylor was ready to move on from Vine and find out what other platforms had in store for him after the platform was shut down. Together with his brother, they created their Youtube channel and decided to start over there. Fortunately for them, their followers from Vine followed them to Youtube and made their channel a success.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His first account was not for fame

    Traylor’s Vine account was initially created to strengthen the bond between him and his brother and not for fame.

  2. He loves dreadlocks

    Traylor has kept long and healthy hair and likes to wear it in dreadlocks.

  3. His loves orange

    Traylor is bold and confident and this shows in his lucky color which is orange.

  4. He values the number nine

    Traylor is very particular about his lucky number and has placed value on the number nine.

  5. His eyes are dark brown

    Traylor has piercing dark brown eyes which elevate his facial appearance.

Trey Traylor FAQs

Where does Traylor live?

He currently resides in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Denver.

What religion is Traylor

He was raised in a Christian home.

Are Armon and Traylor half brothers?

No, they are biological brothers who were born one year, six months, and one week apart.

Trey Traylor’s birthday dates

2024November 25Monday
2025November 25Tuesday
2026November 25Wednesday
2027November 25Thursday
2028November 25Saturday

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