Casey Holmes

Casey Holmes was born on November 25, 1991. She is an influential and renowned self-proclaimed makeup and hair guru. Holmes is famously known for her critically acclaimed Youtube channel known as ‘itsbl0ndie.’ Most of her videos include amazing hauls that she shares with her fans after going on a shopping splurge. Her audience appreciates her content so much and this has helped her grow her channel subsequently. She uploads videos based on a range of topics including makeup tutorials, fashion tips, daily routines, product reviews, and comparisons among others. She is a prolific content creator and we are excited to celebrate her.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Casey Holmes

Birth date:

November 25, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$251 thousand

Casey's Social Media:


Casey Holmes was born on November 25, 1991, in Georgia, the U.S. Hers is a staple name when it comes to content creation. She is influential and extremely popular in the makeup and beauty industry considering herself to be a self-proclaimed makeup and hair-obsessed beauty guru. Despite being a public figure, she has kept her personal life extremely private. She rarely shares about her family or her life growing up in order to protect the people in her life. She however met her husband, Davis Marlar, in a bar in her hometown, Georgia.

Holmes is famously known for her critically acclaimed Youtube channel known as ‘itsbl0ndie’ which was created in 2011. Her “Hits and Misses” series, where she reviews recent products she has used and explains why she liked them or didn’t, is among her most famous works. She has a different channel known as ‘CaseyHolmesVlogs91,’ where she mainly uploads her vlogs, including travel and lifestyle vlogs. Although she was initially shy, Holmes eventually opened up to her fans and even started hosting Q&A sessions about her life.

She was later signed by Kin Community in 2015, which is a lifestyle network for female content creators. This upscaled her audience, getting her a broader market that later made it possible for her to work with mega beauty brands. She also went on to work together with Smashbox, which is a beauty brand and released two custom highlighter palettes in 2017. Holmes is also down-to-earth and easy to work with considering her popular collaborations with other Youtube stars such as Laura Lee.

Career timeline

The Youtube Channel is Launched

Holmes creates her Youtube channel naming it 'itsbl0ndie.'

The First Impression Video

Holmes uploads a video dubbed “Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation — First Impression (F.I.F)."

The Signing by Kin Community

Holmes gets signed by Kin Community, which is a lifestyle network for female content creators.

The Collaboration with Smashbox

Holmes collaborates with Smashbox, the beauty brand to release her custom highlighter palettes.

Why We Love Casey Holmes

  1. She is candid

    When giving her reviews on products, Holmes is as honest as possible. She values her audience and always wants what is good for them. They in turn appreciate her honesty. She is never afraid of being in conflict with the said brands and exercises her freedom of speech unprovoked.

  2. She works well with others

    Holmes is always ready to collaborate with other Youtube stars such as herself to market herself to a wider market. In addition to that, she collaborates with several brands as her work entails reviewing products.

  3. She is business minded

    Because of working in the makeup industry for quite some time, Holmes had learned so much entailing the business side of it as well as quality control. This has catapulted her decision to release her own line of products with ease.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She had met her husband before

    While getting to know each other, Holmes and her now-husband realized they had gone to the same school.

  2. She was bullied online

    Holmes once took to one of her social media platforms to explain that a group of people were downplaying her success.

  3. She interacts with her fans

    Holmes takes her time and interacts with her fans who have grown to become her second family.

  4. She is a Christian

    Holmes grew up with a religious upbringing and adheres to Christianity.

  5. She has two kids

    After getting married, Holmes welcomed her first child, Mason in 2019 and her second, Madison Nicole in 2021.

Casey Holmes FAQs

What is Casey Holmes's net worth?

Holmes’ net worth is alleged to be around $251,000. Apart from YouTube, the beauty influencer also generates income from Instagram where she markets products of different brands.

What camera does Casey Holmes use?

She uses Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II Camera on her vlogging channel.

When did Casey Holmes get married?

She married Second Lieutenant Marlar in Atlanta, Georgia on October 28, 2017.

Casey Holmes’s birthday dates

2024November 25Monday
2025November 25Tuesday
2026November 25Wednesday
2027November 25Thursday
2028November 25Saturday

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