Chase Grzegorczyk

Chase Matthew Grzegorczyk was born on November 25, 2002. He is a popular American YouTuber, best known as a member of the family channel, “Our Family Nest,” which features his family’s daily routine, shopping, trips, and other fun activities. He is also a member of the “Chase and Asha” channel, in which he and his girlfriend, Asha, post couple content, pranks, and challenges. Grzegorczyk is a creative content creator with an endearing personality. So join us to celebrate his special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Chase Matthew Grzegorczyk

Birth date:

November 25, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Chase's Social Media:


Chase Matthew Grzegorczyk is an American YouTuber whose personality has endeared him to fans and subscribers worldwide. He is of French and Polish descent, a Sagittarius born on November 25, 2002, in Michigan. He is the third child of Ken and Candi Grzegorczyk, and he has three siblings. Grzegorczyk attended Bedford Junior High School and graduated in 2018.

As part of the Grzegorczyk family, Chase is often seen on his family’s YouTube channel, “Our Family Nest,” which was created in October 2011. In December that year, the family posted their debut YouTube video, titled “WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY NEST!,” showing a much younger Grzegorczyk and his sister. The family channel is famous for vlogs, vacations, weight loss challenges, house renovations, and more. In May 2015, Grzegorczyk and his sister Karli were seen in a video that became the most popular on the family’s channel. This video was titled “CHARLIE CHARLIE PENCIL GAME CHALLENGE” and has amassed 12.1 million views. In July 2018, Grzegorczyk and his girlfriend, Asha, launched their eponymous YouTube channel, “Chase and Asha,” to document their life experiences together.

Grzegorczyk is an entertaining YouTuber and content creator. His videos with his family and girlfriend are creative and fun to watch. He is a young adult who is still figuring out his life, which has been public since he was nine. Grzegorczyk is in a relationship with Asha, and the couple has no kids yet.

Career timeline

October 2011
His Family YouTube Channel

Grzegorczyk’s family launches the YouTube channel, “Our Family Nest.”

December 2011
He Debut

Grzegorczyk and his sister are seen in the debut video, “WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY NEST!”

May 2015
His Most Popular Video

Grzegorczyk and his sister are seen taking part in the “CHARLIE CHARLIE PENCIL GAME CHALLENGE.”

July 2018
A New YouTube Channel

Grzegorczyk and his girlfriend create an eponymous YouTube channel.

Why We Love Chase Grzegorczyk

  1. He’s handsome

    Grzegorczyk is very handsome. His looks could melt ice.

  2. He’s funny

    As a kid and a teenager, Grzegorczyk’s wit and sense of humor are fantastic. His family videos are popular because he’s the funny one.

  3. He’s a great son

    Grzegorczyk is a great son to his parents. He’s respectful and listens to them.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He wrestled

    Grzegorczyk was on his high school wrestling team.

  2. He met his girlfriend in his teens

    Grzegorczyk met his girlfriend when he was 13.

  3. His first date was with his family

    Grzegorczyk’s family was present on his first date with Asha.

  4. He has many dogs

    Grzegorczyk’s family has seven dogs.

  5. He moved in with his girlfriend

    Although still very young, Grzegorczyk has been dating his girlfriend for four years, and the couple moved in together in 2021.

Chase Grzegorczyk FAQs

Where is Karli Reese from?

Grzegorczyk’s sister is from Michigan.

How old is Asha Zapf?

Grzegorczyk’s girlfriend, Zapf, is 18 years old.

How old is Karli?

His sister is 17 years old in 2022.

Chase Grzegorczyk’s birthday dates

2024November 25Monday
2025November 25Tuesday
2026November 25Wednesday
2027November 25Thursday
2028November 25Saturday

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