Ryan Letourneau

Ryan Letourneau, born on November 28, 1988, and known professionally as Northernlion rose to prominence through doing “Let’s Plays” sessions of indie games. His videos generally consist of gameplay as he provides live commentary. Fans love Letourneau for being highly charismatic, particularly for his distinctive voice and sharp wit. His usage of a variety of idioms, puns, and vague references to pop culture also serves to endear him to his followers. Letourneau is also a dedicated YouTuber.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ryan Letourneau



Birth date:

November 28, 1988



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Ryan's Social Media:


Ryan Letourneau was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and attended Queens University. Letourneau started his YouTube channel in May 2006 for a school project. He graduated from university in 2010 with a Degree in Biology. He relocated to South Korea to teach English for a year while he regularly uploaded videos to Youtube and returned home to Canada on December 1, 2011.

Letourneau created the N.L.S.S. (Northernlion Live Super/Solo Show) in February 2013 and streamed the first episode on Youtube by himself. On the third N.L.S.S. a few weeks later, he invited fellow gamers Rockleesmile and JSmithOTI to be on the show. The N.L.S.S. is a banter-focused show, with gameplay being the background. Letourneau then moved the streaming of this show to Twitch and is still broadcasting it on this platform seven years later. Fans tune in religiously to the N.L.S.S. every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Before creating the N.L.S.S., Letourneau started a podcast with his gaming buddies Michaelalfox and later JSmithOTI. For almost two years since April 2011, they focused on game-related news on the podcast.

Letourneau is well known for common games such as “Spelunky” and “The Binding of Isaac.” “The Binding of Isaac” is the longest-running series on his channel. This series has more than 3,000 episodes, with the first one released on September 28, 2011. Letourneau uses the series mostly as a platform to share stories from his life whilst occasionally focusing on gameplay. “The Binding of Isaac” is still running to this day.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Letourneau starts his YouTube channel for a school project.

The Return Home

Letourneau returns home to Canada from his teaching career in South Korea.

The New YouTube Show

Letourneau creates the N.L.S.S. (Northernlion Live Super/Solo Show).

The Gamer is Honored

Letourneau becomes the first YouTuber and Twitch streamer to be given their curated show in "Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout."

Why We Love Ryan Letourneau

  1. He is inspiring

    Letourneau's channel continues to grow rapidly each day. His success as a gaming content creator is inspiring.

  2. He is persistent

    Letourneau has worked hard on his YouTube channel and Twitch streaming. He has held on to his passion and it has paid off.

  3. He's a forward thinker

    Letourneau studied programming as a fallback plan in case his YouTube and Twitch didn't work out. He is also a certified Unity Developer. This is inspiring for creators to widen their horizons.

5 Interesting Facts

  1. Edits are tiring

    Letourneau does not like video editing.

  2. He loves geography

    Letourneau is very knowledgeable about the capital cities of different countries.

  3. He’s not a fan of the deep

    Letourneau is afraid of deep-sea creatures.

  4. He loves cats

    Letourneau owns a white Ragdoll cat named Ryuka.

  5. He dabbles in two worlds

    Letourneau has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and an Associate's Degree in Software Development.

Ryan Letourneau FAQs

Does Ryan Letourneau have children?

He has a daughter named Luna.

Does Ryan Letourneau have siblings?

Information on Ryan’s family is not available.

Where does Ryan Letourneau live?

Ryan lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Ryan Letourneau’s birthday dates

2024November 28Thursday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 28Saturday
2027November 28Sunday
2028November 28Tuesday

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