Hila Klein

Hila Klein was born on December 12, 1987, in Holon, Israel. She is an Israeli-American, and her parents are Mizrahi Jews (Libyan – Jewish and Turkish – Jewish). She spent two years as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces. Klein is best known for co-founding the YouTube channels “h3h3Productions,” and “H3 Podcast” with her husband – Ethan Klein. She is primarily responsible for video production and editing at H3. Klein’s major works, such as “The D.J. Khaled Documentary” and “h3h3Productions” (T.V. series), demonstrate her abilities as a cinematographer.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Hila Klein

Birth date:

December 12, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$20 million

Hila's Social Media:


Hila Hacmon Klein was born in Holon, Israel, on December 12, 1987, into a Sephardic Jewish family. Klein attended the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art in Ramat Gan, Israel, after completing her military service. She dropped out of college to focus on YouTube.

Klein launched her first YouTube channel, “h3h3Productions,” with her then-boyfriend on April 29, 2011. The duo launched their second YouTube channel on July 3, 2013, and it quickly gained popularity among viewers. “Ethan and Hila,” the second channel, currently has over 2.1 million subscribers and boasts popular videos. The couple launched their podcast channel, “H3 Podcast,” on April 7, 2017, and it now has over 2.97 million subscribers. Klein is widely popular on other social media platforms. Her Twitter account, which she uses to promote her company, has over 988,000 followers. Her Instagram account, where she posts pictures from her personal life, has over 1 million followers.

She is also a well-known T.V. artist who has worked as a producer, cinematographer, property master, editor, writer, and host. She made her T.V. debut in 2013 as a producer, editor, and cinematographer for her comedy T.V. series. In 2015, she worked in the art department for the T.V. show “JonTron” and produced four episodes of the show. In 2016, she and her husband Ethan co-hosted the “H3 Podcast.” She has also appeared as a guest on shows such as “Good Mythical Morning.” Klein is the C.E.O. of the clothing line Teddy Fresh. Teddy Fresh sells sweaters, hoodies, windbreakers, t-shirts, shorts, bags, hats, and beanies in its online store. It also sells various accessories such as keychains, necklaces, and embroidery patches. Teddy Fresh partnered with “Ripndip” in October 2018 to sell its products in a physical store. She and Ethan also run a store where they sell t-shirts, mugs, and sweaters. They released a mobile game called “H3H3: Ball Rider” in September 2018, which is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Career timeline

Klein Founds H3h3 Productions

Klein and her husband, Ethan Klein, found the production company to create YouTube videos.

She Launches Her Second YouTube Channel

Klein and her husband launch their second YouTube channel – “Ethan and Hila” which gains popularity among viewers.

Klein Launches Teddy Fresh

Klein launches the Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Teddy Fresh.

She Faces Controversies Over Teddy Fresh

James Charles reveals a design for his merchandise, which Ethan Klein criticizes for resembling Teddy Fresh's color palette.

Lands a Role in "Home and Away"

She joins "Home and Away" in the 29th season of the show.

Why We Love Hila Klein

  1. Her dedication towards YouTube

    Klein, with her husband, Ethan, has spent years cultivating their YouTube channel and establishing a moral and humorous image. They have had a lot of success because of their authenticity, honesty, bravery, and playing with YouTube's norms.

  2. Her passion for innovative fashion

    As the C.E.O. and owner of Teddy Fresh, a vibrant streetwear company concentrating on high-quality products and artist collaborations, she was motivated to start Teddy Fresh after noticing a shortage of bright-colored apparel in the streetwear market. She was inspired by the fun character of children's clothes, the epic hues of vintage pieces, and the quality of high-end companies. Teddy Fresh continues to produce vibrant, joyful, high-quality clothing for adults at a consumer price that is affordable to everyone.

  3. Her versatility

    She can perform many functions within the video production process. Klein is multi-talented and has worked as a producer, cinematographer, property master, editor, writer, and host.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her love for sketching

    Klein has a strong interest in sketching, as evidenced by the numerous photographs of drawings and sketches she has uploaded on Instagram.

  2. Her adorable Shredder

    Klein has an adorable pet dog named Shredder, with whom she spends plenty of her free time playing.

  3. Her favorite sports car

    The well-known YouTuber purchased her favorite luxury sports car, a yellow Lamborghini.

  4. Hila’s brother

    Klein’s brother is married to her husband’s ex-co-host Trisha Paytas.

  5. Her favorite color

    Klein’s favorite colors are red and white.

Hila Klein FAQs

Where did Hila Klein pursue her studies?

Klein attended Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She did not, however, complete her education.

Where is Hila Klein currently based?

She is currently based in Los Angeles.

When did Hila Klein get her American citizenship?

She received her American citizenship in September 2019.

Hila Klein’s birthday dates

2024December 12Thursday
2025December 12Friday
2026December 12Saturday
2027December 12Sunday
2028December 12Tuesday

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