Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard, better known as Crainer, born December 12, 1994, is a famous Danish YouTube star — or infamous, depending on personal points of view. The YouTube fandom already knows what’s what. For the uninitiated, the young video creator made a name for himself with his engaging content and Minecraft videos. Gaming has been in his bones since he was a child. Crainer’s the kind of person who knew what he wanted to be early on. He dropped out of school and stuck with it. It’s been an incredible ride since his first videos and 30,000 followers.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard



Birth date:

December 12, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Benjamin's Social Media:


Benjamin Dreyer Vestergaard, better known as Crainer, was born in Denmark to a family of Irish-English ethnicity with Danish ancestry. The world knows very little about his growing-up years. But his rise as a YouTube star is well-known. Crainer’s journey as a YouTuber is closely associated with two names: Lanceypooh and SSundee. Before YouTube, Crainer began streaming on Twitch as early as 2011. During this time, Crainer contacted Lanceypooh — one of the most famous Twitch streamers. The two ended up collaborating. Crainer didn’t have a large following yet. He steadily gained followers through his association with Lancey.

In 2014, Lancey left Twitch and decided to join YouTube instead, and his Twitch followers went with him in droves. Crainer followed suit, and the two reunited. Crainer and Lancey recorded Minecraft videos that became massively popular. At the same time, Crainer recorded with SSundee, who had 3 million subscribers at the time. The two conceptualized “SkyFactory” — a Minecraft series that lasted four years, from 2014 to 2019. As a duo, they were called Crundee. As a result of the collaboration. Crainer reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube. By the end of 2019, Crainer stopped recording with SSundee citing problems with time zone differences. In 2019, Crainer collaborated with Slogo on a “Golf It” gameplay video. The two recorded more videos together and eventually became close friends. A year later, they met Jelly, and the friends became a well-known trio by 2020.

Crainer has gained a somewhat dubious reputation for latching on to popular video creators to further his selfish interests. In 2020, Lanceypooh revealed that Crainer was responsible for creating a rift between him and SSundee. The fandom was outraged. Lanceypooh had famously taken Crainer under his wing when he was struggling to find his feet. The duo eventually talked through their issues and reconciled privately.

Career timeline

Crainer Before YouTube

He uploads his first video on the Game Station.

The Journey Begins

Crainer begins his YouTube Channel in February.

The Family Grows

His channel reaches 1 million subscribers.

2019 to 2020
The Beginnings of the Trio

Crainer, Jelly, and Slogo meet and decide to record Minecraft videos together.

Why We Love Crainer

  1. For his mad video skills

    YouTuber drama aside, there’s no denying his skills. Crainer grew his YouTube channel to 1 million subscribers within a year. No mean feat, that!

  2. His dedication

    We love Crainer for his focus and drive. When he began on YouTube, he would upload at least three to four videos daily!

  3. For following a passion

    Few people recognize and follow through on a passion. Crainer’s devotion to gaming since he was a child is commendable. And he built a career out of it too.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. The language he’s most comfortable with

    Although he was born in Denmark, Crainer’s first language is English, and Danish is his second language.

  2. He lost a challenge to SSundee

    After losing a round of League of Legends, Crainer had to get a tattoo that said #allgrown up.

  3. He’s gotten more tattoos since

    Crainer has several tattoos depicting video game characters like Pikachu.

  4. He uses a different voice on videos

    Crainer’s regular voice is deep, but his gaming persona/voice is much chipper.

  5. A union of kindred souls

    Crainer married Thea Kornum, another Danish YouTuber in 2019.

Crainer FAQs

Is Crainer still with Jelly and Slogo?

Crainer hasn’t commented on the matter. But in May 2022, Slogo and Jelly removed Crainer’s YouTube link from their video descriptions, suggesting they may no longer be a trio.

How many subscribers does Craner have?

Crainer has 7.82 million YouTube subscribers.

What did Crainer do to Lancey?

Goaded by Crainer, Lancey said some terrible things about SSundee, who had broken off their collaboration without explanation. Lancey had no idea that Crainer was recording audio all the while.

Crainer’s birthday dates

2024December 12Thursday
2025December 12Friday
2026December 12Saturday
2027December 12Sunday
2028December 12Tuesday

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