Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry was born in the United States on November 28, 1992. This young man is one of the greatest players in the National Football League. Currently, Landry plays as a wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints. But his venture with the sport started many years ago. Laundry was inspired to become a football player by his brother Gerard, who played football at college. Landry followed his brother’s steps, and in the 2014 N.F.L. Draft, he was picked by the Miami Dolphins.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jarvis Charles Landry



Birth date:

November 28, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$20 million

Jarvis's Social Media:


Jarvis Charles Landry was born in Convent, Louisiana, the United States, on November 28, 1992. The football star was raised by his mother, Dietra Landry; his father left when Landry was only a child. Landry has an older brother called Gerard. Landry’s mother has to work several jobs to support her two sons. When Landry was still a kid, his mother resigned her custody, and the football player went to live with a man called Elmo LeBeouf and his family. Although Landry was disappointed by his mother’s choice, Dietra believed it was best for him because she was working day and night. When Landry turned 11, he moved with his high school football coach.

Landry attended Lutcher High School in Lutcher, Louisiana. He was inspired to play football by his older brother Gerard, who used to play college football. After graduating from high school, Landry attended Louisiana State University and played for them from 2011 to 2013. Landry’s mad skills came out to shine when he played for L.S.T. By the 2014 National Football League draft, Landry was considered one of the best options and was picked by the Miami Dolphins. In 2016, Landry ranked 98th on the list of the Top 100 Players. In 2018, Landry was traded to the Cleveland Browns. The star player stayed with the Browns until March 2022. Two months later, in May 2022, Landry signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints. Landry has two kids with his long-time girlfriend, Estrella Cerqueira.

Career timeline

He Plays for L.S.U.

Landry starts playing for Louisiana State University.

The N.F.L. Draft

Landry is picked by the Miami Dolphins in the N.F.L. draft.

The Cleveland Browns

Landry is traded to the Cleveland Browns.

The New Orleans Saints

Landry signs with the New Orleans Saints.

Why We Love Jarvis Landry

  1. He does charity work

    Landry has been debating how to utilize his influence best to aid those in need. He established the Jarvis Building Winners Foundation, a charity dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of families and kids dealing with persistent health problems and socioeconomic disadvantages.

  2. He is an excellent player

    Landry was chosen for five straight Pro Bowls from 2015 to 2019. In 2019, the Cleveland Browns named him the Walter Payton Player of the Year. He was selected for the P.F.W.A. All-Rookie team in 2014 and received the A.F.C. Special Teams Player of the Week award in 2015.

  3. His family TikToks

    Landry has a TikTok account with over 140,000 followers. He often posts funny videos with his partner and his two children.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His father

    There is absolutely no information regarding Landry’s father.

  2. The top-paid players

    Landry is one of the top-paid players in the N.F.L.

  3. His an Instagram newby

    Landry only joined Instagram in 2022.

  4. He gained numerous followers

    Landry reached over two million Instagram followers in three months.

  5. He likes Tiktok

    Landry likes creating content on TikTok with his family.

Jarvis Landry FAQs

What is Jarvis Landry's number?

Landry plays number 80 for the New Orleans Saints.

How many Pro Bowls has Jarvis Landry?

Landry has made five Pro Bowls.

What was Jarvis Landry 40-time?

Landry’s 40-time was 4.77 seconds.

Jarvis Landry’s birthday dates

2024November 28Thursday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 28Saturday
2027November 28Sunday
2028November 28Tuesday

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