Rosemarie Vega

Rosemarie Vega, born on November 28, 1995, is a renowned Filipino television personality, model, businesswoman, Youtuber, social media star, and actress from Caloocan, Philippines. Vega, better known by her stage name Rose Vega after appearing on the reality television show “90 Day Fiance,” became renowned in the eyes of the public. “90 Day Fiance” is a 90-day reality show by T.L.C. about the relationships of couples. She also owns and operates a boutique. She is both a model and a well-known social media personality. After joining the cast of the reality T.V. show, she garnered a sizable social media following.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Rosemarie Vega



Birth date:

November 28, 1995



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$650 thousand

Rosemarie's Social Media:


Rosemarie Vega was born on November 28, 1995, in Caloocan, Philippines. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is of Asian descent and follows Buddhism. She is the family’s oldest child, with four siblings. Her father owns and runs a pig farm. In 2017, Vega’s mother died. Vega enrolled in a nearby private school for her education. She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines where she pursued fashion and arts. She went on to build her own modest business after that.

She is a reality television star who is most known for her appearances on the T.L.C. network’s “90 Day Fiancé.” She is a YouTuber, model, and businesswoman who owns and operates a store in her hometown. Vega launched her YouTube channel on December 19, 2019, and her debut video was released on May 4, 2020. The channel presently has 753,000 subscribers and a million views thanks to her devoted viewers. She primarily posts vlogs on her everyday activities and clothes. She’s also an Instagram model. She has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram, where she routinely posts her modeling pictures. Morena Modern Filipina and Tough Mama Appliances are among the companies for whom she does promotional advertising.

Big Ed, a television personality and social media influencer, was in a relationship with Vega. At first, Vega was happy with Ed. She eventually realized, however, that he was lying to her about a variety of concerns, including his physical appearance and future intentions. They broke up at the end of “90 Day Fiancé.”

Career timeline

She Becomes a Mother

Vega gives birth to her baby boy, Prince, while remaining silent about the boy's paternity.

She Starts Her Youtube Channel

Vega launches her own YouTube channel, Rose Vega.

She Posts Her Debut Video

She releases her debut YouTube video, "Get to Know Me."

She Features on a Reality Show

She appears in the T.L.C. reality television show "90 Day Fiance," a 90-day series about couples' relationships.

Why We Love Rosemarie Vega

  1. She is a caring mother

    Vega has achieved numerous accomplishments in her life. However, nothing compares to her being a mother to Prince.

  2. She has self-respect

    She did not give up her self-esteem for the possibility to live in the United States. She dumped Ed after encountering his rude and exploitative conduct.

  3. She has entrepreneurial spirit

    Vega is an entrepreneur. She owns and maintains a store in her hometown.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a son

    She has a baby named Prince, whom she adores.

  2. She is a graduate

    She earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of the Philippines where she pursued fashion and arts.

  3. She is the oldest child

    She is the family's oldest child, with four younger siblings.

  4. She bought a farm

    Vega acquired a property that she intends to pass on to her son in the future.

  5. She owns a boutique

    She owns and maintains a store in her hometown in the Philippines.

Rosemarie Vega FAQs

How did Rosemarie Vega get rich?

She got rich through vlogging on YouTube, becoming a social media influencer, and modeling.

Where is she from?

She is from Caloocan in the Philippines.

Does Vega have a kid?

Vega is a single mother of a six-year-old boy.

Rosemarie Vega’s birthday dates

2024November 28Thursday
2025November 28Friday
2026November 28Saturday
2027November 28Sunday
2028November 28Tuesday

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