Corinne Olympios

Corinne Olympios was born on November 11, 1992, and is best known for being a contestant on season 21 of “The Bachelor.” She was one of the contestants hoping to gain the affection of Nick Viall, who at the end of the show ended up choosing Vanessa Grimaldi. Olympios was viewed as the antagonist of the show as she regularly interrupted Nick’s dates with other girls and was very daring. Her role was controversial but many found her entertaining with Corrine’s scenes from the show being featured on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” After the show, Olympios pursued modeling and started her own business.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Corinne Danielle Olympios



Birth date:

November 11, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$250 thousand

Corinne's Social Media:


Corinne Olympios was born on November 11, 1992. She is American Greek and was born in Miami, Florida. Her parents are James and Peri Olympios and she has a younger sister called Taylor. Olympios’ father owns a multi-million dollar business called Armor Garage. Olympios went to Florida International University and graduated with a degree in Theater arts.

Olympios was an aspiring actress and entered the Hollywood circle when she was featured in music videos of many rappers like D.J. Khalid, Juicy J., Pitbull, and Akon. She worked for modeling agencies and was represented by Metric Talent Management L.A. She modeled for the lingerie and swimsuit website Net Pinky, along with Likerr clothing, Nike, and Covermale Underwear. In 2017, Olympios became one of the contestants on season 21 of “The Bachelor.” Her character was not well-received, with many believing she intentionally played an antagonistic role to add drama to the show and gain fame. Corrine was eliminated from the show in week eight and later returned on season four of “Bachelor in Paradise.” The season was temporarily shut down after an investigation of misconduct which was found to be false and Olympios left the show.

After Olympios’ controversy on “The Bachelor,” she became a social media influencer, working with brands like FashionNova and Pretty Little Thing. In 2021, Olympios co-founded an online business called Aura Sugar Co. The clothing brand sells custom jewels, apparel, and home decor. The items are advertised as having their aura cleansed with sage and giving positive energy. Olympios recently announced that she is pursuing a career in music.

Career timeline

A Music Video

Olympios appears in the music video for Juicy J. and 2 Chains for a song called 'Zip & A Double Cup.'

"The Bachelor"

Olympios becomes one of the contestants on "The Bachelor."

"The Ellen Show"

Olympios’ fame allows for her to become a guest on "The Ellen Show."

Business Minded

Olympios and Lindsey Montgomery launch an online business called Aura Sugar Co.

Her Music Career

Olympios announces that she is pursuing a music career.

Why We Love Corinne Olympios

  1. She knows how to promote herself

    Whether Olympios’ behavior was an act or not, she entertained the audience and caught everyone's attention. She also managed to start a successful career and gained millions of fans.

  2. She ventured out on her own

    While Olympios came from much wealth, she chose to pursue her own dreams. She managed to co-found a business and become an influencer, whilst also working as a model.

  3. She does not let criticism get to her

    Many found Olympios to be too promiscuous and disliked her. However, she endured and continued with the show. She never allows negativity to get to her.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is hilarious

    Olympios is known for her hilarious comments, such as when she slept through one of the rose ceremonies and said, “Micheal Jordan took naps.”

  2. She intended to pursue acting

    Olympios’ original goal was to pursue an acting career but chose a different path after leaving "The Bachelor."

  3. She is Jewish

    Olympios’ father is Jewish and she was raised with the faith; she shared a picture of her praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem after her grandparents got in an accident.

  4. She loves "Fraiser”

    Olympios revealed she’s a big fan of the T.V. series "Fraiser."

  5. She had tattoos

    Olympios previously had tattoos that she decided to get removed.

Corinne Olympios FAQs

What happened to Olympios?

The production of “The Bachelor In Paradise” was shut down and Olympios quit the show.

What season of "The Bachelor" was Olympios on?

She was on the 21st season of “The Bachelor” and season four of “Bachelor In Paradise.”

What happened to Olympios and Vince?

Olympios and Vincent Fratantoni called off their relationship.

Corinne Olympios’s birthday dates

2024November 11Monday
2025November 11Tuesday
2026November 11Wednesday
2027November 11Thursday
2028November 11Saturday

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